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Rok 2022
  • About Unusual Diffraction and Thermal Self-Action of Magnetosonic Beam

    The dynamics of slightly diverging two-dimensional beams whose direction forms a constant angle θ with the equilibrium straight magnetic strength is considered. The approximate dispersion relations and corresponding links which specify hydrodynamic perturbations in confined beams are derived. The study is dedicated to the diffraction of a magnetosonic beam and nonlinear thermal self-action of a beam in a thermoconducting gaseous plasma....

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  • Acoustic Hysteresis in Flows with Different Kinds of Relaxation and Attenuation

    Graphs in the thermodynamic plane acoustic pressure versus excess acoustic density representing acoustic hysteresis, are considered as indicators of relaxation processes, equilibrium parameters of a flow, and kinds of wave exciters. Some flows with deviation from adiabaticity are examined: the Newtonian flow of a thermocon- ducting gas, the flow of a gas with vibrational relaxation, the flow of liquid electrolyte with a chemical...

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  • Pursuing Listeners’ Perceptual Response in Audio-Visual Interactions - Headphones vs Loudspeakers: A Case Study

    This study investigates listeners’ perceptual responses in audio-visual interactions concerning binaural spatial audio. Audio stimuli are coupled with or without visual cues to the listeners. The subjective test participants are tasked to indicate the direction of the incoming sound while listening to the audio stimulus via loudspeakers or headphones with the head-related transfer function (HRTF) plugin. First, the methodology...

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Rok 2021
Rok 2020
Rok 2019
Rok 2018
Rok 2017
  • DAB vs DAB+ Radio Broadcasting: a Subjective Comparative Study

    In the age of digital media, delivering high quality content to consumers is one of the most demanding tasks. There exist numerous broadcasting standards, with different pros and cons, and the DAB/DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system is one of the most popular among them. From an engineer’s perspective, efficient resource management under limited bandwidth conditions has always been a challenge. In this paper a subjective quality...

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  • Sound intensity distribution around organ pipe

    The aim of the paper was to compare acoustic field around the open and stopped organ pipes. The wooden organ pipe was located in the anechoic chamber and activated with a constant air flow, produced by an external air-compressor. Thus, long-term steady state response was possible to obtain. Multichannel acoustic vector sensor was used to measure the sound intensity distribution of radiated acoustic energy. Measurements have been...

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  • Standing Waves in One-Dimensional Resonator Contaning an Ideal Isothermal Gas Affected by the Constant Mass Force

    The study is devoted to standing acoustic waves in one-dimensional planar resonator which containing an ideal gas. A gas is affected by the constant mass force. Two types of physically justified boundary conditions are considered: zero velocity or zero excess pressure at both boundaries. The variety of nodal and antinodal points is determined. The conclusion is that the nodes of pressure and antinodes of velocity do not longer...

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  • Subjective and Objective Comparative Study of DAB+ Broadcast System

    Broadcasting services seek to optimize their use of bandwidth in order to maximize user’s quality of experience. They aim to transmit high-quality digital speech and music signals at the lowest bitrate. They intend to offer the best quality under available conditions. Due to bandwidth limitations, audio quality is in conflict with the number of transmitted radio programs. This paper analyzes whether the quality of real-time digital...

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  • Voiceless Stop Consonant Modelling and Synthesis Framework Based on MISO Dynamic System

    A voiceless stop consonant phoneme modelling and synthesis framework based on a phoneme modelling in low-frequency range and high-frequency range separately is proposed. The phoneme signal is decomposed into the sums of simpler basic components and described as the output of a linear multiple-input and single-output (MISO) system. The impulse response of each channel is a third order quasi-polynomial. Using this framework, the...

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Rok 2016
  • 3D Acoustic Field Intensity Probe Design and Measurements

    The aim of this paper is two-fold. First, some basic notions on acoustic field intensity and its measurement are shortly recalled. Then, the equipment and the measurement procedure used in the sound intensity in the performed research study are described. The second goal is to present details of the design of the engineered 3D intensity probe, as well as the algorithms developed and applied for that purpose. Results of the intensity...

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  • Can Historic Interiors with Large Cubature be Turned Acoustically Correct?

    - Archives of Acoustics - Rok 2016

    Historic interiors with large cubature, such as reception, theatrical, and concert halls, need to be renovated periodically if they are to be preserved as cultural heritage for future generations. In such cases it is necessary to maintain appropriate balance between requirements imposed by heritage conservation authorities office which are usually being given a higher priority, applicable safety regulations, and the comfort of...

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  • Loudness Scaling Test Based on Categorical Perception

    The main goal of this research study is focused on creating a method for loudness scaling based on categorical perception. Its main features, such as: way of testing, calibration procedure for securing reliable results, employing natural test stimuli, etc., are described in the paper and assessed against a procedure that uses 1/2-octave bands of noise (LGOB) for the loudness growth estimation. The Mann-Whitney U-test is employed...

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  • Modeling and Designing Acoustical Conditions of the Interior – Case Study

    The primary aim of this research study was to model acoustic conditions of the Courtyard of the Gdańsk University of Technology Main Building, and then to design a sound reinforcement system for this interior. First, results of measurements of the parameters of the acoustic field are presented. Then, the comparison between measured and predicted values using the ODEON program is shown. Collected data indicate a long reverberation...

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  • Mutual Clutter Suppression Techniques for FM Sonars

    The article presents methods that help in the elimination of mutual clutter as well as the consequences of two FM sounding signal sonars operating in the same body of water and frequency band. An in-depth analysis of mutual clutter was carried out. The effects of sounding signal differentiation were determined, as was the Doppler effect on mutual clutter suppression. One of the methods analysed is of particular interest in a situation...

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  • On the Nonlinea Distortions of Sound and its Coupling with Other Modes in a Gasesous Plasma with Finite Electric Conductivity in a Magnetic Field

    Nonlinear phenomena of the planar and quasi-planar magnetoacoustic waves are considered. We focus on deriving of equations which govern nonlinear excitation of the non-wave motions by the intense sound in initially static gaseous plasma. The plasma is treated as an ideal gas with finite electrical conductivity permeated by a magnetic field orthogonal to the trajectories of gas particles. This introduces dispersion of a flow. Magnetoacoustic...

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  • Performance of Noise Map Service Working in Cloud Computing Environment

    In the paper a noise map service designated for the user interested in environmental noise subject is presented. It is based on cloud computing. Noise prediction algorithm and source model, developed for creating acoustic maps, are working in cloud computing environment. In the study issues related to noise modeling of sound propagation in urban spaces are discussed with a special focus on road noise. Examples of results obtained...

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  • Standing Waves in a Rectangular Resonator Containing Acoustically Active Gases

    The distribution of perturbations of pressure and velocity in a rectangular resonator is considered. A resonator contains a gas where thermodynamic processes take place, such as exothermic chemical reaction or excitation of vibrational degrees of a molecule’s freedom. These processes make the gas acoustically active under some conditions. We conclude that the incident and reflected compounds of a sound beam do not interact in the...

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Rok 2015
Rok 2014
  • Auditory Display Applied to Research in Music and Acoustics . Obrazowanie dźwiękowe w muzyce i akustyce.

    This paper presents a relationship between Auditory Display (AD) and the domains of music and acoustics. First, some basic notions of the Auditory Display area are shortly outlined. Then, the research trends and system solutions within the fields of music technology, music information retrieval and music recommendation and acoustics that are within the scope of AD are discussed. Finally, an example of AD solution based on gaze...

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  • Classification of Music Genres Based on Music Separation into Harmonic and Drum Components . Klasyfikacja gatunków muzycznych wykorzystująca separację instrumentów muzycznych

    - Archives of Acoustics - Rok 2014

    This article presents a study on music genre classification based on music separation into harmonic and drum components. For this purpose, audio signal separation is executed to extend the overall vector of parameters by new descriptors extracted from harmonic and/or drum music content. The study is performed using the ISMIS database of music files represented by vectors of parameters containing music features. The Support Vector...

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  • Detection Range of Intercept Sonar for CWFM Signals

    Stealth in military sonars applications may be ensured through the use of low power signals making them difficult to intercept by the enemy. In recent years, silent sonar design has been investigated by the Department of Marine Electronic Systems of the Gdansk University of Technology. This article provides an analysis of how an intercept sonar operated by the enemy can detect silent sonar signals. To that end a theoretical intercept...

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  • Experimental Study of Silent Sonar

    Stealth is a frequent requirement in military applications and involves the use of devices whose signals are difficult to intercept or identify by the enemy. The silent sonar concept was studied and developed at the Department of Marine Electronic Systems of the Gdansk University of Technology. The work included a detailed theoretical analysis, computer simulations and some experimental research. The results of the theoretical...

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  • Experiments and FE analyses on airborne sound properties of composite structural insulated panels

    Artykuł przedstawia wyniki doświadczalne i numeryczne odnośnie właściwości akustycznych paneli budowlanych. Jako panele zastosowano płyty kompozytowe konstrukcyjno-izolacyjne CSIP. Obliczenia numeryczne wykonano MES stosując podejście zaproponowane w pakiecie ABAQUS. Wyniki MES porównano bezpośrednio z doświadczeniami. Zaproponowano różne spsoby poprawy właściwości akustycznych paneli.

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  • Standing Waves and Acoustic Heating (or Cooling) in Resonators Filled with Chemically Reacting Gas

    Standing waves and acoustic heating in a one-dimensional resonator filled with chemically reacting gas, is the subject of investigation. The chemical reaction of A ! B type, which takes place in a gas, may be reversible or not. Governing equations for the sound and entropy mode which is generated in the field of sound are derived by use of a special mathematical method. Under some conditions, sound waves propagating in opposite...

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  • Underwater Acoustic Imaging of the Sea

    Acoustic waves are a carrier of information mainly in environments where the use of other types of waves, for example electromagnetic waves, is limited. The term acoustical imaging is widely used in the ultrasonic engineering to imaging areas in which the acoustic waves propagate. In particular, ultrasound is widely used in the visualization of human organs - ultrasonography (Nowicki, 2010). Expanding the concept, acoustical imaging...

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  • Variable Ratio Sample Rate Conversion Based on Fractional Delay Filter

    - Archives of Acoustics - Rok 2014

    In this paper a sample rate conversion algorithm which allows for continuously changing resampling ratio has been presented. The proposed implementation is based on a variable fractional delay filter which is implemented by means of a Farrow structure. Coefficients of this structure are computed on the basis of fractional delay filters which are designed using the offset window method. The proposed approach allows us to freely...

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