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Punkty Ministerialne: Pomoc

Punkty Ministerialne - aktualny rok
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2021 40 MNiSW 2019
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Rok Punkty Lista
2021 40 MNiSW 2019
2020 40 MNiSW 2019
2019 40 MNiSW 2019
2018 20 A
2017 20 A
2016 20 A
2015 20 A
2014 20 A
2013 20 A
2012 25 A
2011 25 A
2010 20 A
2009 20 A
2008 20 A

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Rok Punkty
2019 1.9
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Rok Punkty
2019 1.9
2018 1.5
2017 1.7
2016 1.5
2015 1.3
2014 1.3
2013 1.4
2012 1.6
2011 1.7

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  • The nonlinear effects of sound in a liquid with relaxation losses

    The nonlinear effects of sound in electrolyte with a chemical reaction are examined. The dynamic equations that govern non-wave modes in the field of intense sound are derived, and acoustic forces of vortex, entropy, and relaxation modes are determined in the cases of low-frequency sound and high-frequency sound. The difference in the nonlinear effects of sound in electrolyte and in a gas with excited vibrational degrees of molecules,...

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  • Hysteresis curves for some periodic and aperiodic perturbations in gases

    Evolution of sound in a medium whose properties irreversibly vary in the course of wave propagation, is studied. For example, a gas that is a particular case of a Newtonian fluid is considered. Hysteresis curves, pictorial representations of irreversible attenuation of the sound energy, in the plane of thermodynamic states are plotted. The irreversible losses in internal energy are proportional to the total attenuation and depend...

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  • Self-refraction of acoustic pulses with shock fronts in some nonequilibrium media

    The nonlinear self-refraction of acoustic pulsed beams, which include shock fronts, is studied. The medium of sound propagation is a gas where thermodynamically nonequilibrium processes take place, such as exothermic chemical reaction or excitation of vibrational degrees of a molecule’s freedom. Comparative analysis of the features of sound propagation over gases where pure nonlinear attenuation of the shock wave occurs, and gases...

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  • Acoustic heating produced in resonators filled by a newtonian fluid

    Acoustic heating in resonators is studied. The governing equation of acoustic heating is derived by means of the special linear combination of conservation equations in differential form, allowing the reduction of all acoustic terms in the linear part of the final equation, but preserving terms belonging to the thermal mode responsible for heating. This equation is instantaneous and includes nonlinear acoustic terms that form a...

  • Propagation of acoustic pulses in some fluids with yield stress

    This study is devoted to the derivation of approximate equations governing acoustic pulses in flows with yieldstress, including some time-dependent flows with a slow dependence on time of yield stress and apparent viscosity. Themodeling of yield stress and apparent viscosity in the vicinity of a zero deformation rate allows us to consider a thixotropicfluid as a Bingham plastic with coefficients that are dependent on time. The...

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