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Rok 2023 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych
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2023 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych
2022 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2021 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2020 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2019 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2018 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2017 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2016 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2015 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2014 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2013 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe
2012 5 zagraniczne czasopisma naukowe

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Rok 2023
  • Analysis of the Surface Stereometry of Alloyed Austenitic Steel after Fibre Laser Cutting using Confocal Microscopy

    - Coatings - Rok 2023

    The paper extends the concept of cut edge quality and examines the fibre laser cutting process. A Prima Power Platino Fiber Evo device with a reference speed (RS) of 3500 mm/min was used for laser cutting. In order to analyse the influence of the laser cutting speed on the cut edge quality of X5CrNi18-10 stainless steel sheets, macroscopic studies were conducted on a stereoscopic microscope and surface stereometry on a confocal...

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  • Investigating the Effects of Geometrical Parameters of Re-Entrant Cells of Aluminum 7075-T651 Auxetic Structures on Fatigue Life

    - Coatings - Rok 2023

    In this study, the effects of two geometrical parameters of the re-entrant auxetic cells, namely, internal cell angle (θ) and H/L ratio in which H is the cell height, and L is the cell length, have been studied on the variations of Poisson’s ratio and fatigue life of Aluminum 7075-T6 auxetic structures. Five different values of both the H/L ratio and angle θ were selected. Numerical simulations and fatigue life predictions have...

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  • New Transparent Flame-Retardant (FR) Coatings Based on Epoxy-Aluminum Hypophosphite Nanocomposites
    • F. Laoutid
    • M. Jouyandeh
    • O. Murariu
    • H. Vahabi
    • M. Saeb
    • L. Brison
    • M. Murariu
    • P. Dubois

    - Coatings - Rok 2023

    The present study investigated the flame-retardant (FR) effect of transparent epoxy coating containing aluminum hypophosphite (AHP) nanoparticles (NPs) on polylactic acid (PLA) sheets used as a typical model of combustible polymeric material. First, AHP NPs (≤60 nm) were prepared by a specific two-stage wet milling process and deeply analyzed (morphology, thermal/mechanisms of degradation under nitrogen and air). The thermal properties...

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  • Thermal Instability of Gold Thin Films

    - Coatings - Rok 2023

    The disintegration of a continuous metallic thin film leads to the formation of isolated islands, which can be used for the preparation of plasmonic structures. The transformation mechanism is driven by a thermally accelerated diffusion that leads to the minimalization of surface free energy in the system. In this paper, we report the results of our study on the disintegration of gold thin film and the formation of nanoislands...

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Rok 2022
Rok 2021
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Rok 2016
  • Ultra Low Noise Poroelastic Road Surfaces

    Noise is one of the most important environmental problems related to road traffic. During the last decades, the noise emitted by the engines and powertrains of vehicles was greatly reduced and tires became a clearly dominant noise source. The article describes the concept of low noise poroelastic road surfaces that are composed of mineral and rubber aggregate bound by polyurethane resin. Those surfaces have a porous structure and...

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