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2024 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych
2023 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych
2022 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2021 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2020 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2019 70 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)

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2022 5
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  • The significance of proximity in cluster initiatives

    Purpose – The main aim of this paper is to analyse relations between geographical and competence proximity and development of cooperation in cluster initiatives. Design/methodology/approach – The research was based on an original theoretical concept referring to the trajectory of development of cooperative relations in cluster initiatives. The research was carried out in mid-2017, in four purposefully selected clusterinitiatives....

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  • Social learning in cluster initiatives

    - Competitiveness Review - Rok 2022

    Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to portray social learning in cluster initiatives (CIs), namely: 1) to explore, with the lens of the communities of practice (CoPs) theory, in what ways social learning occurs in CIs; 2) to discover how various CoPs emerge and evolve in CIs to facilitate a collective journey in their learning process. Subsequently, the authors address the research questions: In what ways does social learning...

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  • The role of clusters as collective actors in the energy transformation: the case of Mazovia Cluster ICT

    - Competitiveness Review - Rok 2023

    Purpose – In our paper we aim to show the possibilities of implementing the idea of sustainability in the context of energy transformation using the concept of an industrial cluster. The implementation of the idea of sustainability is of particular importance from the perspective of the functioning of the meta-organisations involved in the implementation and promotion of decarbonisation processes. Industrial clusters, as collective...

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