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  • A Review of Standards with Cybersecurity Requirements for Smart Grid

    Assuring cybersecurity of the smart grid is indispensable for the reliable operation of this new form of the electricity network. Experts agree that standardised solutions and practices should be applied in the first place. In recent years many new standards for smart grids have been published, which paradoxically results in the difficulty of finding a relevant publication in this plethora of literature. This paper presents results...

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  • Modelling the malware propagation in mobile computer devices


    Nowadays malware is a major threat to the security of cyber activities. The rapid develop- ment of the Internet and the progressive implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) increase the security needs of networks. This research presents a theoretical model of malware propagation for mobile computer devices. It is based on the susceptible-exposed- infected-recovered-susceptible (SEIRS) epidemic model. The scheme is based on...

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