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Rok 2020
Rok 2019
  • Numerical investigation of the core eccentricity effect on wave propagation in embedded waveguide

    The paper presents results of theoretical and numerical investigation of guided wave propagation in two-layer bars with geometric imperfections in the form of eccentric location of steel core. Steel rod of diameter equal to 1 cm embedded in composite mortar-type cover with external diameter equal to 5 cm has been taken into consideration. Several different rods with variable size of eccentricity are analysed. Results for rods with...

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  • RMS-based damage detection in reinforced concrete beams: numerical simulations

    Image-based damage detection methods using guided waves are well known and widely applied approaches in structural diagnostics. They are usually utilized in detection of surface damages or defects of plate-like structures. The article presents results of the study of applicability of imaging wave-based methods in detection in miniscule internal damage in the form of debonding. The investigations were carried out on numerical models...

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  • The study of Arduino Uno feasibility for DAQ purposes

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2019

    Using microcontroller systems becomes a routine in various measurement and control tasks. Their wide availability together with a huge potential of extending their functionality by additional modules allows developing advanced measuring and monitoring systems by non-specialists. However, using popular example codes often leads the user to pass over or not to be aware of the limitations of the system and drawing too far-reaching...

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Rok 2018
Rok 2017
  • Analysis of guided wave propagation in adhesive joints of steel rods

    The aim of the study is the elastic wave propagation in adhesive joints of metal rods that are one of the simplest kind of glue connections. They are consisted of two metal members and an adhesive layer joining two parts together. The analysis is directed to technical diagnostics of such type of connections. Longitudinal and transversal guided waves were excited in prepared joints. Signals of propagating waves were registered in...

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  • Elastic wave propapagation in diagnostics of self-drilling system of grouted anchors

    The paper presents an experimental investigation of elastic wave propagation in a self-drilling hollow bar system, which is commonly used in geotechnical industry as the element of grouted ground anchors and soil nails. The single self-drilling hollow bar and self-drilling system of two bars connected by a coupler were considered. Longitudinal waves were excited at one end of the bar and registered at both ends, by means of PZT...

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    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2017

    Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in interest in solu tions utilizing electrical signals accompanying muscle activity. Electromyography (EMG) is a technique for recording, analysis and evaluating the electrical activity produced by striated muscle. Its great popularity is due, among other, to the ability to measure with non-invasive electrodes (calle d as sEMG surface electromyography)....

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Rok 2016

    The paper presents a non-destructive diagnostic technique based on guided wave propagation phenomenon used to assess the adhesive bonding between a steel bar and a concrete cover. Double-layered cylindrical specimens with different levels of debonding and its location were investigated. The influence of bonding length on the excitation of multiple modes of longitudinal guided waves was analysed. Numerical simulations of guided...

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  • Numerical modeling of GPR field in damage detection of a reinforced concrete footbridge

    The paper presents a study on the use of the ground penetrating radar (GPR) method in diagnostics of a footbridge. It contains experimental investigations and numerical analyses of the electromagnetic field propagation using the finite difference time domain method (FDTD). The object of research was a reinforced concrete footbridge over a railway line. The calculations of the GPR field propagation were performed on a selected cross-section...

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Rok 2015
  • Application of gpr method in diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures

    This paper presents an application of the ground penetration method (GPR) for diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures. In situ measurements were conducted for three civil engineering structures: the ground floor structure, the abutment of the railway viaduct and the concrete well. The dual polarized ground penetrating radar with the antenna operating at a center frequency of 2 GHz was used for GPR surveys. Three different...

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  • Application of wavelet transform in analysis of guided wave propagation signals for damage detection in a steel plate

    The paper presents results of experimental investigations on damage detection using guided wave propagation technique. The tested specimen was a steel plate with a defect in the form of a rectangular notch. Lamb waves were excited by a PZT actuator and sensed by a laser vibrometer. Since reflections from damage in registered signals are often masked by measurement noise, for identification of time of reflections from damage, continuous...

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  • Identification of dynamic parameters in the context of diagnostics of steel tank with different level of liquid.

    The paper presents an experimental study to identify the dynamic parameters of a water-filled tank model. The experimental modal analysis approach involving the excitation at one point of the structure and acquisition of vibra tions at selected points distri buted over the tank surface allowed to determine the resonance frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios. The main aim of the research was to examine the influence of...

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  • Problems in estimation of hand grip force based on EMG signal

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2015

    There has recently been a significant increase in the number of publications on and applications of bioelectric signals for diagnostic purposes. While the use of ECG (electrocardiography) is not surprising, the use of signals from registration of brain activity (EEG) and muscles activity (EMG) still finds new applications in various fields. The authors focus on the use of EMG signals for estimating hand grip force. Currently,...

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Rok 2014
  • Diagnostics of bolted lap joint using guided wave propagation

    The paper presents numerical and experimental analyses of elastic waves propagation in a bolted lap joint. In experimental investigations condition assessment of the joint was performed with the use of symmetric waves excited by a piezoactuator. Numerical calculations were conducted in commercial finite element method software Abaqus. The influence of number of bolts and the value of the initial stress on recorded signals was examined....

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Rok 2013
  • Dynamic state assessment of the water turbine with the power of 600 kW

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2013

    The article discusses the results of experimental studies to assess the dynamic state of the turbine set with the Kaplan turbine. The dynamic assessment was made on the basis of appropriate standards, based on the measurement results of selected parameters of vibration, which have been measured for several states of the machine load. In addition, we attempted to identify the causes of the increased vibration levels based on the...

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  • DYNWIR S-70 program for modal analysis of multisupported and multimass rotors

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2013

    The article provides a brief description of the program Dynwir-S-70 (currently being developed in the Rotor Dynamics and Slide Bearings Department in the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk) which is a program for analysis of multi-supported and multi-mass rotors. Used algorithms and the construction of mass and stiffness matrix were presented. Damping matrix structure based on Rayleigh damping...

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  • Hybrid model of geared rotor system

    In the paper a hybrid model of a geared multirotor system has been developed. The model is obtained by application of both the modal decomposition methodology and the spatial discretization method. Reduced modal model was constructed for the system without gyroscopic and damping effects. The gyroscopic interaction, damping and other phenomena which are difficult to include in the modal approach were modeled by application of simply...

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    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2013

    In a classical approach to damage diagnosis, the technical condition of an analyzed machine is identified based on the measured symptoms, such as performance, thermal state or vibration parameters. In wheeled tractor the fundamental importance has monitoring and diagnostics during exploitation concerning technical inspection and fault element localizations. The main functions of a diagnostic system are: monitoring tractor components...

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    In the paper a hybrid model of rotating beam is presented. It was obtained by using two methods: modal decomposition and spatial discretization. Reduced modal model was built for the system without the load related to inertia forces that occur during beam rotation. This inertia load was next modeled by using the method of simply spatial discretization and combined with reduced modal model. This approach allows to obtain accurate...

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    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2013

    Diagnostic device monitors the tractor’s technical condition and identifies the location of damaged components during operation. The diagnostic device detects and identifies the following types of defects: functional defects (uf) which affect performance, exhaust defects (ue) which increase toxic emissions and fuel consumption, defects that jeopardize driving safety (us), defects that affect engine performance (ud). The key component...

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  • Topological model of aptitude of the measurement circuits of main subassemblies of an internal combustion engine crankshaft-piston assembly

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2013

    The paper presents a topological model allowing to determine the probability of aptitude of the diagnosing system (SDG) individual measuring circuits and also to determine to what degree they influence the assessment of the technical condition of an arbitrary main subassembly of crankshaft-piston assemblies as a diagnosed system (SDN).

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Rok 2010
Rok 2008
Rok 2006
Rok 2003
  • VI Krajowa Konferencja Naukowo - Techniczna Diagnostyka Procesów Przemysłowych DPP´2003.

    - Diagnostyka - Rok 2003

    W dniach 15-17 września 2003 roku odbyła się we Władysławowie Konferencja Naukowo Techniczna DPP´2003. Ma ona już 10 letnią tradycję. Konferencja jest organizowana cyklicznie począwszy od 1996 roku przez trzy ośrodki akademickie Politechnikę Gdańską, Politechnikę Warszawską oaz Uniwersytet Zielonogórski. Patronat nad Konferencją objęła PAN, Komitet Automatyki i Robotyki oraz Towarzystwo Konsultantów Polskich. Tegoroczna edycja...

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