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  • Human verbal memory encoding is hierarchically distributed in a continuous processing stream
    • M. Kucewicz
    • K. Saboo
    • B. Berry
    • V. Kremen
    • L. Miller
    • F. Khadjevand
    • C. Inman
    • P. Wanda
    • M. Sperling
    • R. Gorniak
    • K. Davis
    • B. Jobst
    • B. Lega
    • S. Sheth
    • D. Rizzuto
    • R. Iyer
    • M. Kahana
    • G. Worrell

    - eNeuro - 2019

    Processing of memory is supported by coordinated activity in a network of sensory, association, and motor brain regions. It remains a major challenge to determine where memory is encoded for later retrieval. Here we used direct intracranial brain recordings from epilepsy patients performing free recall tasks to determine the temporal pattern and anatomical distribution of verbal memory encoding across the entire human cortex. High...

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  • Electrical Stimulation Modulates High Gamma Activity and Human Memory Performance

    - eNeuro - 2018

    Direct electrical stimulation of the brain has emerged as a powerful treatment for multiple neurological diseases, and as a potential technique to enhance human cognition. Despite its application in a range of brain disorders, it remains unclear how stimulation of discrete brain areas affects memory performance and the underlying electrophysiological activities. Here, we investigated the effect of direct electrical stimulation...

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