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  • informatyka techniczna i telekomunikacja (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • inżynieria biomedyczna (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • inżynieria lądowa, geodezja i transport (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • inżynieria środowiska, górnictwo i energetyka (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • astronomia (Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych)
  • informatyka (Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych)
  • nauki chemiczne (Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych)
  • nauki fizyczne (Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych)

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Rok 2024 100 Ministerialna lista czasopism punktowanych 2024
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2024 100 Ministerialna lista czasopism punktowanych 2024
2023 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych 2023
2022 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2021 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2020 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2019 100 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych (2019-2022)
2018 30 A
2017 30 A
2016 30 A
2015 30 A
2014 30 A
2013 30 A
2012 30 A
2011 30 A

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Rok 2024
  • Hidden Tensor Structures

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2024

    Any single system whose space of states is given by a separable Hilbert space is automatically equipped with infinitely many hidden tensor-like structures. This includes all quantum mechanical systems as well as classical field theories and classical signal analysis. Accordingly, systems as simple as a single one-dimensional harmonic oscillator, an infinite potential well, or a classical finite-amplitude signal of finite duration...

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Rok 2023
Rok 2022
Rok 2021
  • Coupling between Blood Pressure and Subarachnoid Space Width Oscillations during Slow Breathing

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2021

    The precise mechanisms connecting the cardiovascular system and the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are not well understood in detail. This paper investigates the couplings between the cardiac and respiratory components, as extracted from blood pressure (BP) signals and oscillations of the subarachnoid space width (SAS), collected during slow ventilation and ventilation against inspiration resistance. The experiment was performed on...

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  • Formulation of Time-Fractional Electrodynamics Based on Riemann-Silberstein Vector

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2021

    In this paper, the formulation of time-fractional (TF) electrodynamics is derived based on the Riemann-Silberstein (RS) vector. With the use of this vector and fractional-order derivatives, one can write TF Maxwell’s equations in a compact form, which allows for modelling of energy dissipation and dynamics of electromagnetic systems with memory. Therefore, we formulate TF Maxwell’s equations using the RS vector and analyse their...

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  • Long-Term Impact of Wind Erosion on the Particle Size Distribution of Soils in the Eastern Part of the European Union
    • L. Lackóová
    • J. Pokrývková
    • J. Kozlovsky Dufková
    • A. Policht-Latawiec
    • K. Michałowska
    • J. Dąbrowska

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2021

    Wind erosion is the leading cause of soil degradation and air pollution in many regionsof the world. As wind erosion is controlled by climatic factors, research on this phenomenon isurgently needed in soil and land management in order to better adapt to climate change. In thispaper, the impact of wind erosion on the soil surface in relation to particle size distribution wasinvestigated. Changes in percentage of sand, silt and...

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  • Recent Advances in Loop Heat Pipes with Flat Evaporator

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2021

    The focus of this review is to present the current advances in Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) with flat evaporators, which address the current challenges to the wide implementation of the technology. A recent advance in LHP is the design of flat-shaped evaporators, which is better suited to the geometry of discretely mounted electronics components (microprocessors) and therefore negate the need for an additional transfer surface (saddle)...

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Rok 2020
  • Changes of Conformation in Albumin with Temperature by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    • P. Weber
    • P. Bełdowski
    • K. Domino
    • D. Ledziński
    • A. Gadomski

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2020

    This work presents the analysis of the conformation of albumin in the temperature range of 300K – 312K, i.e., in the physiological range. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we calculate values of the backbone and dihedral angles for this molecule. We analyze the global dynamic properties of albumin treated as a chain. In this range of temperature, we study parameters of the molecule and the conformational entropy derived from...

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  • Exchange-Traded Funds on European Markets: Has Critical Mass been Reached? Implications for Financial Systems.

    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are one of the most rapidly expanding categories of financial products in Europe. One of the key yet still unanswered questions is whether European ETF markets have reached the size at which they could affect the financial systems. In our study, we examine 13 European countries during the period 2004–2017 in order to trace whether the share of ETFs in the total assets of investment funds has reached...

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  • The Effect of Adhesive Additives on Silica Gel Water Sorption Properties
    • K. Sztekler
    • W. Kalawa
    • A. Mlonka-Medrala
    • W. Nowak
    • Ł. Mika
    • J. Krzywanski
    • K. Grabowska
    • M. Sosnowski
    • M. Debniak

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2020

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  • Unifying Aspects of Generalized Calculus

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2020

    Non-Newtonian calculus naturally unifies various ideas that have occurred over the years in the field of generalized thermostatistics, or in the borderland between classical and quantum information theory. The formalism, being very general, is as simple as the calculus we know from undergraduate courses of mathematics. Its theoretical potential is huge, and yet it remains unknown or unappreciated.

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Rok 2018
  • Entropy Production Associated with Aggregation into Granules in a Subdiffusive Environment
    • P. Weber
    • P. Bełdowski
    • M. Bier
    • A. Gadomski

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2018

    We study the entropy production that is associated with the growing or shrinking of a small granule in, for instance, a colloidal suspension or in an aggregating polymer chain. A granule will fluctuate in size when the energy of binding is comparable to k_{B}T, which is the “quantum” of Brownian energy. Especially for polymers, the conformational energy landscape is often rough and has been commonly modeled as being self-similar...

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Rok 2015
  • Entropic Measures of Complexity of Short-Term Dynamics of Nocturnal Heartbeats in an Aging Population
    • D. Makowiec
    • A. Kaczkowska
    • D. Wejer
    • M. Żarczyńska-Buchowiecka
    • Z. R. Struzik

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2015

    Two entropy-based approaches are investigated to study patterns describing differences in time intervals between consecutive heartbeats. The first method explores matrices arising from networks of transitions constructed following events represented by a time series. The second method considers distributions of ordinal patterns of length three, whereby patterns with repeated values are counted as different patterns. Both methods provide...

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  • Entropy Measures in the Assessment of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Cardiodepressive Vasovagal Syncope

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2015

    Sample entropy (SampEn) was reported to be useful in the assessment of the complexity of heart rate dynamics. Permutation entropy (PermEn) is a new measure based on the concept of order and was previously shown to be accurate for short, non-stationary datasets. The aim of the present study is to assess if SampEn and PermEn obtained from baseline recordings might differentiate patients with various outcomes of the head-up tilt test...

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  • Exergy Losses in the Szewalski Binary Vapor Cycle

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2015

    In this publication, we present an energy and exergy analysis of the Szewalski binary vapor cycle based on a model of a supercritical steam power plant. We used energy analysis to conduct a preliminary optimization of the cycle. Exergy loss analysis was employed to perform a comparison of heat-transfer processes, which are essential for hierarchical cycles. The Szewalski binary vapor cycle consists of a steam cycle bottomed with...

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Rok 2013

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