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Rok 2021
Rok 2019
  • Building Polish space sector – from small islands of excellence to a national innovation ecosystem

    In the paper a national potential of Poland to build its space industry after joining the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2012 is assessed, based on the series of survey reports published annually by POLSA since 2016. Their methodology was based on the ESA technology tree, classifying all the space-related technical knowhow and allowed identification of the most promising strengths to exploit and shortages to challenge by policymakers...

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  • Classification of objects in the LIDAR point clouds using Deep Neural Networks based on the PointNet model

    This work attempts to meet the challenges associated with the classification of LIDAR point clouds by means of deep learning. In addition to achieving high accuracy, the designed system should allow the classification of point clouds covering an area of several dozen square kilometers within a reasonable time interval. Therefore, it must be characterized by fast processing and efficient use of memory. Thus, the most popular approaches...

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  • Emotion monitoring system for drivers

    This article describes a new approach to the issue of building a driver monitoring system. Actual systems focus, for example, on tracking eyelid and eyebrow movements that result from fatigue. We propose a different approach based on monitoring the state of emotions. Such a system assumes that by using the emotion model based on our own concept, referred to as the reverse Plutchik’s paraboloid of emotions, the recognition of emotions...

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  • Intelligent Autonomous Robot Supporting Small Pets in Domestic Environment

    In this contribution, we present preliminary results of the student project aimed at the development of an intelligent autonomous robot supporting small pets in a domestic environment. The main task of this robot is to protect a freely moving small pets against accidental stepping on them by home residents. For this purpose, we have developed the mobile robot which follows a pet and makes an alarm signal when a human is approaching....

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  • Intelligent monitoring the vertical dynamics of wheeled inspection vehicles

    The problem of intelligent monitoring of the vertical dynamics of wheeled inspection vehicles is addressed. With the independent MacPherson suspension system installed, the basic analysis focuses on the evaluation of the parameters of the so-called quarter car model. To identify a physically motivated continuous description, in practice, dedicated integral-horizontal filters are used. The obtained discrete model, which retains...

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  • Marine autonomous surface ship - control system configuration

    This paper addresses the problem of marine autonomous surface ship (MASS) control. The contribution of the paper is the development of a control system configuration, done assuming fully autonomous MASS operation under distinct operational conditions. The overview of hardware and software selection is included.

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  • The impact of the temperament model on the behavior of an autonomous driver

    Because it is generally believed that the personality and temperament of a human driver influence his/her behavior on the road, the article presents a computational model of the temperament of an autonomous agent - a driver. First, a short review of the four ideas of Galen’s temperament in psychology is presented. Temperament traits are grouped into four other sets, one of which is chosen for implementation in the project of integration...

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  • Very high altitude micro air vehicle deployment method

    - IFAC-PapersOnLine - Rok 2019

    The paper presents the original work and method for high altitude micro air vehicle deployment. The method is based on the scientific ballooning, and adapted for stratospheric flight of commercial off-the-shelf micro air vehicle in flying wing configuration. The High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle, built for this research, was deployed during a test experiment at the lower level of the stratosphere. The results of the experiment and...

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