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Wyższa Szkoła Policji w Szczytnie


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2021 40 MNiSW 2019
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2021 40 MNiSW 2019
2020 40 MNiSW 2019
2019 40 MNiSW 2019
2018 10 B
2017 10 B
2016 10 B
2015 10 B
2014 8 B
2013 8 B
2012 9 B
2011 9 B

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  • Psychosocial risks associated with the profession of train driver

    Excellent competencies as well as a good physical and mental health are required in train drivers’ profession. Despite the changes in the structure of employment the train drivers above 46 years and job tenure longer than 30 years are the largest group. The generation gap is becoming more pronounced, and its fulfilment will not be easy. It is related not only to training of new personnel but also promotion of healthy work environment...

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  • Evaluation of Professional Demands and Financial Reward Through the Perception of Police Managers

    - Internal Security - 2013

    The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between job demands and salary in the subjective perception of mid-level police managers. An occupational stress model in which effort spent on job demands are not balanced by the received reward, was adopted. The study comprised 51 police officers (4 women). The partial least squares method was used for the analysis, and the SmartPLS 2.0 program was applied. The income and...

  • Identification of Emotional States Using Phantom Miro M310 Camera

    The purpose of this paper is to present the possibilities associated with the use of remote sensing methods in identifying human emotional states, and to present the results of the research conducted by the authors in this field. The studies presented involved the use of advanced image analysis to identify areas on the human face that change their activity along with emotional expression. Most of the research carried out in laboratories...

  • Impact of Work on the Well-Being of Police Officers and Firefighters

    - Internal Security - 2013

    Work is one of the most important spheres of human functioning and has a significant impact on individual overall well-being. The purpose of this study is to assess the positive and negative impact of the work of police officers and firefighters on their well-being in different spheres of life. In particular, the study examines the relationship between the type of occupation and the elements that generate a feeling of well-being,...

  • Fatigue and Professional Burnout in Police Officers and Firefighters

    - Internal Security - 2012

    Excessive demands, work overload and the working time arrangements are an important cause of burnout and fatigue in employees. Specific working time arrangements are characteristic of the internal security services, such as police officers and firefighters. This applies to both the ordering of day and night shifts and the length of shifts. Depletion of personal resources is a common component for acute fatigue and burnout. However,...

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