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  • 2017

  • Collision-free network exploration

    J. Czyzowicz, D. Dereniowski, L. Gąsieniec, R. Klasing, A. Kosowski, D. Pająk - JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND SYSTEM SCIENCES - 2017
    Mobile agents start at different nodes of an n-node network. The agents synchronously move along the network edges in a collision-free way, i.e., in no round two agents may occupy the same node. An agent has no knowledge of the number and initial positions of other agents. We are looking for the shortest time required to reach a configuration in which each agent has visited all nodes and returned to its starting location. In...
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  • 2016

  • Bounds on the cover time of parallel rotor walks

    D. Dereniowski, A. Kosowski, D. Pająk, P. Uznański - JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND SYSTEM SCIENCES - 2016
    The rotor-router mechanism was introduced as a deterministic alternative to the random walk in undirected graphs. In this model, a set of k identical walkers is deployed in parallel, starting from a chosen subset of nodes, and moving around the graph in synchronous steps. During the process, each node successively propagates walkers visiting it along its outgoing arcs in round-robin fashion, according to a fixed ordering. We consider...
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  • 2015

  • The complexity of minimum-length path decompositions

    We consider a bi-criteria generalization of the pathwidth problem, where, for given integers k, l and a graph G, we ask whether there exists a path decomposition P of G such that the width of P is at most k and the number of bags in P, i.e., the length of P, is at most l. We provide a complete complexity classification of the problem in terms of k and l for general graphs. Contrary to the original pathwidth problem, which is fixed-parameter...
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