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2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
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2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2019 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2018 8 B
2017 8 B
2014 8 B
2013 8 B
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2011 8 B
2010 20 A
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  • Poroelastic Material for Urban Roads Wearing Courses

    Conventional road materials used for producing wearing courses of roads are based on mineral aggregate and bituminous or Portland cement binders. The road materials must be optimized for different properties, including skid resistance, durability, rolling resistance and tire/road noise. Unfortunately, it seems that within classic technologies it is very difficult to achieve further reduction of tire/road noise. Innovative porous...

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  • Damage-Involved Structural Pounding in Bridges under Seismic Excitation

    During severe earthquakes, pounding between adjacent superstructure segments of highway elevated bridges was often observed. It is usually caused by the seismic wave propagation effect and may lead to significant damage. The aim of the present paper is to show the results of the numerical analysis focused on damage-involved pounding between neighbouring decks of an elevated bridge under seismic excitation. The analysis was carried...

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