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Rok 2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
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2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2019 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2010 13 A
2009 13 A
2008 13 A

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Rok 2018
  • KEYSTONE WG2: Activities and Results Overview on Keyword Search

    In this chapter we summarize activities and results achieved by the Keyword Search Working Group (WG2) of the KEYSTONE Cost Action IC1302. We present the goals of the WG2, its main activities in course of the action and provide a summary of the selected publications related to the WG2 goals and co-authored by WG2 members. We concludewith a summary of open research directions in the area of keyword search for structured data.

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Rok 2016
  • Multimodal Attention Stimulator

    Multimodal attention stimulator was proposed and tested for improving auditory and visual attention, including pupils with developmental dyslexia. Results of the conducted experiments shown that the designed stimulator can be used in order to improve comprehension during reading tasks. The changes in the visual attention, observed in reading test results, translate into the overall reading performance.

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Rok 2015
Rok 2014
Rok 2013
  • An Algorithm for Listing All Minimal 2-Dominating Sets of a Tree

    We provide an algorithm for listing all minimal 2-dominating sets of a tree of order n in time O(1.3248n) . This implies that every tree has at most 1.3248 n minimal 2-dominating sets. We also show that this bound is tigh.

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  • Fast Collaborative Graph Exploration


    We study the following scenario of online graph exploration. A team of k agents is initially located at a distinguished vertex r of an undirected graph. At every time step, each agent can traverse an edge of the graph. All vertices have unique identifiers, and upon entering a vertex, an agent obtains the list of identifiers of all its neighbors. We ask how many time steps are required to complete exploration, i.e., to make sure...

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  • Zero-Visibility Cops and Robber Game on a Graph


    We examine the zero-visibility cops and robber graph searching model, which differs from the classical cops & robber game in one way: the robber is invisible. We show that this model is not monotonic. We also provide bounds on both the zero-visibility copnumber and monotonic zero-visibility copnumber in terms of the pathwidth.

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Rok 2012
Rok 2011
  • GreedyMAX-type Algorithms for the Maximum Independent Set Problem

    A maximum independent set problem for a simple graph G = (V,E) is to find the largest subset of pairwise nonadjacent vertices. The problem is known to be NP-hard and it is also hard to approximate. Within this article we introduce a non-negative integer valued functionp defined on the vertex set V(G) and called a potential function of agraph G, while P(G) = max{vinV(G)| p(v)} is called a potential of G. For any graph P(G) <= D(G),...

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  • Induction of the common-sense hierarchies in lexical data

    Unsupervised organization of a set of lexical concepts that captures common-sense knowledge inducting meaningful partitioning of data is described. Projection of data on principal components allow for dentification of clusters with wide margins, and the procedure is recursively repeated within each cluster. Application of this idea to a simple dataset describing animals created hierarchical partitioning with each clusters related...

  • Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Recognition Systems


    Computer perception of real-life situations is performed using a variety of recognition techniques, including video-based computer vision, biometric systems, RFID devices and others. The proliferation of recognition modules enables development of complex systems by integration of existing components, analogously to the Service Oriented Architecture technology. In the paper, we propose a method that enables integration of information...

  • Smaller Representation of Finite State Automata

    This paper is a follow-up to Jan Daciuk's experiments on space-effcient finite state automata representation that can be used directly for traversals in main memory. We investigate several techniques of reducing memory footprint of minimal automata, mainly exploiting the fact that transition labels and transition pointer offset values are not evenly distributed and so are suitable for compression. We achieve a gain of around 20-30%...

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Rok 2010
Rok 2008
  • On-Line Partitioning for On-Line Scheduling with Resource Conflicts

    Within this paper, we consider the problem of on-line partitioning the sequence of jobs which are competing for non-sharable resources. As a result of partitioning we get the subsets of jobs that form separate instances of the on-line scheduling problem. The objective is to generate a partition into the minimum number of instances such that the response time of any job in each instance is bounded by a given constant. Our research...

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Rok 2007
Rok 2003
Rok 2002

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