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Logistics and Transport

Punkty Ministerialne: Pomoc

Punkty Ministerialne
2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
Punkty Ministerialne
Rok Punkty Lista
2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2019 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2018 13 B
2017 13 B
2016 13 B
2015 13 B
2014 7 B
2013 7 B
2012 6 B
2011 6 B
2010 9 B
2009 9 B
2008 9 B

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  • Education of Logisticians in Poland: Problems and Prospects in Students’ Opinion

    - Logistics and Transport - 2019

    Logistics is one of the key sectors of the Polish economy. Its value reflects not only its own capacity, but also the role it plays in ensuring the proper functioning of the entire economy. The rapid development of the industry and the highest demands on logistics solutions bring to the fore the problem of preparing a new generation of specialists in logistics. That is why the question of compliance to learning expectations of...

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  • Identification of transition curves in vehicular roads and railways

    In the paper attention is focused on the necessity to systematize the procedure for determining the shape of transition curves used in vehicular roads and railway routes. There has been presented a universal method of identifying curvature in transition curves by using differential equations. Curvature equations for such known forms of transition curves as clothoid, quartic parabola, the Bloss curve, cosinusoid and sinusoid, have...

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