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  • 2018

  • Steering is an essential feature of non-locality in quantum theory

    R. Ramanathan, D. Goyeneche, S. Muhammad, P. Mironowicz, M. Grünfeld, M. Bourennane, P. Horodecki - Nature Communications - 2018
    A physical theory is called non-local when observers can produce instantaneous effects over distant systems. Non-local theories rely on two fundamental effects: local uncertainty relations and steering of physical states at a distance. In quantum mechanics, the former one dominates the other in a well-known class of non-local games known as XOR games. In particular, optimal quantum strategies for XOR games are completely determined...
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  • 2016

  • Realistic noise-tolerant randomness amplification using finite number of devices

    F. Brandão, R. Ramanathan, A. Grudka, K. Horodecki, M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki, T. Szarek, H. Wojewódka - Nature Communications - 2016
    Randomness is a fundamental concept, with implications from security of modern data systems, to fundamental laws of nature and even the philosophy of science. Randomness is called certified if it describes events that cannot be pre-determined by an external adversary. It is known that weak certified randomness can be amplified to nearly ideal randomness using quantum-mechanical systems. However, so far, it was unclear whether randomness amplification...
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  • 2015

  • A large family of filled skutterudites stabilized by electron count

    H. Luo, J. Krizan, L. Muechler, N. Haldolaarachchige, T. Klimczuk, W. Xie, M. Fuccillo, C. Felser, R. Cava - Nature Communications - 2015
    The Zintl concept is important in solid-state chemistry to explain how some compounds that combine electropositive and main group elements can be stable at formulas that at their simplest level do not make any sense. The electronegative elements in such compounds form a polyatomic electron-accepting molecule inside the solid, a ‘polyanion’, that fills its available energy states with electrons from the electropositive elements...
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  • Generic emergence of classical features in quantum Darwinism

    F. Brandão, M. Piani, P. Horodecki - Nature Communications - 2015
    Quantum Darwinism posits that only specific information about a quantum system that is redundantly proliferated to many parts of its environment becomes accessible and objective, leading to the emergence of classical reality. However, it is not clear under what conditions this mechanism holds true. Here we prove that the emergence of classical features along the lines of quantum Darwinism is a general feature of any quantum dynamics:...
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  • 2013

  • Quantum mechanical which-way experiment with an internal degree of freedom

    K. Banaszek, P. Horodecki, M. Karpiński, C. Radzewicz - Nature Communications - 2013
    For a particle travelling through an interferometer, the trade-off between the available which-way information and the interference visibility provides a lucid manifestation of the quantum mechanical wave-particle duality. Here we analyse this relation for a particle possessing an internal degree of freedom such as spin. We quantify the trade-off with a general inequality that paints an unexpectedly intricate picture of wave-particle...
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