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  • 2016

  • Increased Certification of Semi-device Independent Random Numbers using Many Inputs and More Postprocessing

    P. Mironowicz, A. Tavakoli, A. Hameedi, B. Marques, M. Pawłowski, M. Bourennane - NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS - 2016
    Quantum communication with systems of dimension larger than two provides advantages in information processing tasks. Examples include higher rates of key distribution and random number generation. The main disadvantage of using such multi-dimensional quantum systems is the increased complexity of the experimental setup. Here, we analyze a not-so-obvious problem: the relation between randomness certification and computational requirements...
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  • Linear game non-contextuality and Bell inequalities—a graph-theoretic approach

    M. Rosicka, R. Ramanathan, P. Gnaciński, K. Horodecki, M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki, S. Severini - NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS - 2016
    We study the classical and quantum values of a class of one-and two-party unique games, that generalizes the well-known XOR games to the case of non-binary outcomes. In the bipartite case the generalized XOR(XOR-d) games we study are a subclass of the well-known linear games. We introduce a 'constraint graph' associated to such a game, with the constraints defining the game represented by an edge-coloring of the graph. We use the...
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