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Rok 2022 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
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Rok Punkty Lista
2022 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2021 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2020 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2019 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2018 30 A
2017 30 A
2016 25 A
2015 25 A
2014 25 A
2013 30 A
2012 25 A
2011 25 A
2010 20 A
2009 20 A
2008 20 A

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Hybrydowy - czasopismo transformacyjne

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Rok 2021 7.5
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2021 7.5
2020 4.6
2019 2.8
2018 2.1
2017 2.3
2016 2.4
2015 1.8
2014 1.4
2013 1.2
2012 1.6
2011 1.4

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  • Systemic analysis of a manufacturing process based on a small scale bakery

    - Quality and Quantity - Rok 2022

    The main aim of the article is to present two new innovative concepts of reliability of a functioning manufacturing system in the process of making bread in small-scale bakeries. Reliability is understood as one of the representations of an operator acting on specifc streams in time to - t. One of these represents the global reliability of a system as a function of parallel action of all the streams of the system in time to to...

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  • Sustainability objectives and collaboration lifecycle in cluster organizations

    - Quality and Quantity - Rok 2022

    In our paper, we combine two issues, collaboration in cluster organizations and sustainability, aiming to answer the question: Does complex governance structure of cluster organizations support members in formulating and reaching sustainability objectives? Based on four case studies of cluster organizations and a still novel abductive approach, we present the ways in which sustainability was executed in their functioning. Our study...

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  • Metrisable assessment of the course of stream‑systemic processes in vector form in industry 4.0

    The goal of this paper is to present an innovative conception how to use metrisable vector structure of a manufacturing process, based on quantitative relations between the activity of input streams, features of the product, and effect of losses; all of which are excellent practical solution for Industry 4.0, and in turn intelligent factories. This solution can be a usefull way in the process of building sustainable organization....

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