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2023 40 Lista ministerialna czasopism punktowanych
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  • GPU-Accelerated 3D Mesh Deformation for Optimization Based on the Finite Element Method

    This paper discusses a strategy for speeding up the mesh deformation process in the design-byoptimization of high-frequency components involving electromagnetic field simulations using the 3D finite element method (FEM). The mesh deformation is assumed to be described by a linear elasticity model of a rigid body; therefore, each time the shape of the device is changed, an auxiliary elasticity finite-element problem must be solved....

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  • Soft – Partial Frequency Reuse Method for LTE-A

    In the paper a novel SPFR frequency reuse method is proposed which can be used for improvement of physical resources utilization efficiency in LTE-A. The proposed method combines both SFR and PFR giving the possibility of more flexible use of frequency band in different regions of a cell. First, a short study on the problem of frequency reuse in cells is discussed including bibliography overview....

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Rok 2016
  • Efficient analysis of structures with rotatable elements using model order reduction

    This paper presents a novel full-wave technique which allows for a fast 3D finite element analysis of waveguide structures containing rotatable tuning elements of arbitrary shapes. Rotation of these elements changes the resonant frequencies of the structure, which can be used in the tuning process to obtain the S-characteristics desired for the device. For fast commutations of the response as the tuning elements are rotated, the...

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Rok 2015
  • Pipelined Two-Operand Modular Adders

    Pipelined two-operand modular adder (TOMA) is one of basic components used in digital signal processing (DSP) systems that use the residue number system (RNS). Such modular adders are used in binary/residue and residue/binary converters, residue multipliers and scalers as well as within residue processing channels. The structure of pipelined TOMAs is usually obtained by inserting an appropriate number of pipeline register layers within...

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Rok 2014
Rok 2011

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