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Rok 2012
  • Behaviour of steel columns under impact

    One of import issues related to the idea of sustainable society is the safety of civil engineering structures. The safety and reliability of steel structures under impact loading is among a number of different aims during the design state. The aim of this paper is to present the results of investigation focused on dynamic behaviour of steel columns under impact loading. Modal and transient dynamic analyses using Finite Element...

  • Experimental determination of dynamic properties of cylindrical steel tank model filled with liquid

    In technical branches, such as chemical or petroleum industries, cylindrical steel tanks are essential structures used for storage of liquid products. Any failure might have disastrous consequences, therefore their safety and reliability is essential. The aim of the present paper is to show the results of the experimental study which has been conducted on a scaled model of a real tank used in Poland. The investigation was carried...

  • Experimental examination of an elastomeric polymer

    A new method of repairing damaged structures by filling the cracks with a specially prepared elastomeric polymer mass has been recently proposed. This new and innovative technique, known as the Flexible Joint Method (FJM), is mainly dedicated to masonries and historical objects, where minimum intervention is permitted. The flexible joint bonds the disrupted elements and ensures further safe exploitation of a damaged structure....

  • Modal analysis of a steel grandstand

    Among the issues related to the idea of sustainable society is the safety of civil engineering structures devoted to satisfy different needs of people. One of the types of structures devoted to satisfy recreational needs are grandstands, which are used during sport events or music concerts. It is obligatory to consider interaction between structure and crowd load especially when the crowd movement involves rhythmic jumping, dancing,...

  • Molecular detection of Candida krusei

    The species identification of fungi belonging to genus Candida is an important issue as this genus becomes the emerging problem of nosocomial infections. As Candida krusei presents intrinsicresistance to the fluconazole that is the drug of the first choice in case of invasive candidiasis the PCR identifying the DNA of C. krusei was elaborated. The analytical sensitivity of the assay on spiked blood samples was estimated at 3-5...

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