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  • Inżynieria lądowa i transport (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • Inżynieria środowiska, górnictwo i energetyka (Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych)
  • Geografia społeczno-ekonomiczna i gospodarka przestrzenna (Dziedzina nauk społecznych)

Punkty Ministerialne: Pomoc

Punkty Ministerialne
2021 70 MNiSW 2019
Punkty Ministerialne
Rok Punkty Lista
2021 70 MNiSW 2019
2020 70 MNiSW 2019
2019 70 MNiSW 2019
2018 15 A
2017 15 A
2016 15 A
2015 15 A
2014 15 A
2013 15 A
2012 15 A
2011 15 A
2010 20 A
2009 20 A
2008 20 A

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Punkty CiteScore
2019 2.8
Punkty CiteScore
Rok Punkty
2019 2.8
2018 2.6
2017 2.2
2016 1.5
2015 1.2
2014 0.9
2013 0.8
2012 0.7
2011 0.7

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  • Estimators of covariance matrices in Msplit(q) estimation

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2020

    This paper proposes methods for the determination of covariance matrices of Msplit(q) estimators. The solutions presented here allow Msplit(q) estimation to be supplemented by the operations from the domain of accuracy analysis (especially that concerning estimators of parameters). Theoretical forms of covariance matrices of Msplit(q) estimators were established using the empirical influence functions and the equivalent covariance...

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  • High performance filtering for big datasets from Airborne Laser Scanning with CUDA technology

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2018

    There are many studies on the problems of processing big datasets provided by Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS). The processing of point clouds is often executed in stages or on the fragments of the measurement set. Therefore, solutions that enable the processing of the entire cloud at the same time in a simple, fast, efficient way are the subject of many researches. In this paper, authors propose to use General-Purpose computation...

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  • Reduction of measurement data before Digital Terrain Model generation vs. DTM generalisation

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2018

    Modern data acquisition technologies provide large datasets that are not always necessary in its entirety to properly accomplish the goal of the study. In addition, such datasets are often cumbersome for rational processing, and their processing is time and labour consuming. Therefore, methods that enable to reduce the size of the measurement dataset, such as the generalization of the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or the reduction...

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  • The potential of Web-GIS and geovisual analytics in the context of marine cadastre

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2017

    The importance of the marine environment to human existence makes it imperative that information models represent the multidimensional nature of reality as closely as possible in order to facilitate good governance. Information regarding jurisdiction, as well as the effects of formal law and community interests on the marine environment (e.g. nature and spatial extents as well as rights, responsibilities, restrictions etc.) would...

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  • Investigation of long-range dependencies in the stochastic part of daily GPS solutions

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2016

    The long-range dependence (LRD) of the stochastic part of GPS-derived topocentric coordinates change (North, East, Up) results with relatively high autocorrelation values with a focus on self-similarity. One of the reasons for such self-similarity in the GPS time series are noises that are commonly recognised to prevail in the form of the flicker noise model. To prove the self-similarity of the stochastic part of GPS time series...

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  • Local variance factors in deformation analysis of non-homogenous monitoring networks

    - SURVEY REVIEW - 2013

    This paper proposes a modification of the classical deformation analysis algorithm for non-homogeneous (e.g. linear-angular) monitoring networks. The basis for the proposed solution is the idea of local variance factors. The theoretical discussion was complemented with an example of its application on a simulated horizontal monitoring network. The obtained results confirm the usefulness of the proposed solution.

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