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  • 2018

  • Collaborative Exploration of Trees by Energy-Constrained Mobile Robots

    S. Das, D. Dereniowski, C. Karousatou - THEORY OF COMPUTING SYSTEMS - 2018
    We study the problem of exploration of a tree by mobile agents (robots) that have limited energy. The energy constraint bounds the number of edges that can be traversed by a single agent. We use a team of agents to collectively explore the tree and the objective is to minimize the size of this team. The agents start at a single node, the designated root of the tree and the height of the tree is assumed to be less than the energy...
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  • 2013

  • Deterministic rendezvous of asynchronous bounded-memory agents in polygonal terrains

    J. Czyzowicz, A. Kosowski, A. Pelc - THEORY OF COMPUTING SYSTEMS - 2013
    We consider two versions of the rendezvous problem: exact RV, when the points representing agents have to coincide at some time, and e-RV, when these points have to get at distance less than e in the terrain. In any terrain, each agent chooses its trajectory, but the movements of the agent on this trajectory are controlled by an adversary that may, e.g. speed up or slow down the agent.
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