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  • Influence of magnetic field on wear in high frequency reciprocatingsliding contacts


    Results of experimental studies concerning the influence of permanent magnetic field on wear of dry sliding contact operating at short stroke and high frequency are presented. It was found that horizontal magnetic field with different orientations relative to the sliding direction is affecting performance of the contact. The increase in frequency of sliding reduces accumulated mass loss and lowers the surface roughness of the wear...

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Rok 2010
  • Numerical modelling and experimental verification of compressible squeeze film pressure

    The validity of using the Reynolds equation for compressible squeeze film pressure was tested with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A squeeze film air bearing was instrumented with pressure sensors and non-contacting displacement probes to provide transient measurements of film thickness and pressure. The film thickness measurements also provided input parameters to the numerical prediction. However, numerical results showed...

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Rok 2008
  • Modeling lubricant flow between thrust-bearing pads

    Inlet temperature is one of the main inputs in all models for the analysis of fluid film bearing performance. At the same time, inlettemperature distribution and also oil velocity distribution at the inlet are the result of flow phenomena in the gap between the bearingpads. These phenomena are complex and in many cases further affected by any special arrangements of forced oil supply to the gapbetween pads. The reason for such...

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  • The influence oil additives on spread cracks in silicon nitride

    The paper presents an experimental study of the influence of oil additives (Cl, S, P, cerium dioxide (CeO2)) on spread cracks in silicon nitride. The additives Cl, S, P are bound in molecules in liquid form soluble in the base oil. The CeO2 is purely in powder form in suspension. The use of CeO2 powder was made based on the good results of polishing of silicon nitride. A ceramic angular contact ball bearing was modelled using a...

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