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  • Smart Document-Centric Processing of Human Oriented Information Flows

    Usually people prefer to focus on creative rather than repetitive and schematic work patterns. Still, they must spend a lot of time complying with the procedures, selecting the information they receive and repeatedly restoring the previous state of work. This paper proposes the Mobile INteractive Document architecture (MIND) - a document-centric uniform interface to provide both effective communication of content and coordination...

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  • Reliable Document-Centric Processing in Loosely Coupled Email-Based Systems

    - 2015

    Email is a simple way to exchange digital documents of any kind. The Mobile INteractive Document architecture (MIND) enables self-coordination and self-steering of document agent systems based on commonly available email services. In this paper, a mechanism for providing integrity and reliability of such an email based agent system is proposed to cope with message soft or hard bounces, user interrupts, and other unexpected events....

  • Smart Email - Almost an Agent Platform

    Network organizations suffer today of information overload and strain that rise their operational costs. One of the reasons of that is the dominance of email messaging as the princi-pal means of document exchange between their workers. Proac-tive documents can rationalize these costs and augment email systems with a process view based on collaboration patterns.

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