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Rok 2020
  • FEM-based wave propagation modelling for SHM: Certain numerical issues in 1D structures

    The numerical modelling of structural elements is an important aspect of modern diagnostic systems. However, the process of numerical implementation requires advanced levels of consideration of multiple aspects. Important issues of that process are the positive and negative aspects of solution applied methods. Therefore the aim of this article is to familiarise the reader with the most important aspects related to the process of...

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  • Finite Element Approaches to Model Electromechanical, Periodic Beams

    Periodic structures have some interesting properties, of which the most evident is the presence of band gaps in their frequency spectra. Nowadays, modern technology allows to design dedicated structures of specific features. From the literature arises that it is possible to construct active periodic structures of desired dynamic properties. It can be considered that this may extend the scope of application of such structures. Therefore,...

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  • Smart acoustic band structures

    Smart acoustic band structures exhibit very interesting and non-standard physical properties due to the periodic nature of their certain characteristic on different scale levels. They manifest mostly in their frequency spectra as socalled frequency band-gaps or stop-bands, what has a great impact on the behaviour of these structures in relation to the propagation of vibro-acoustic signals that can be transmitted through the structures...

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Rok 2018
Rok 2017
Rok 2016
  • Detection of damages in a rivetted plate

    The paper presents the results of damage detection in a riveted aluminium plate. The detection method has been based on Lamb wave propagation. The plate has been analysed numerically and experimentally. Numerical calculations have been carried out by the use of the time-domain spectral finite element method, while for the experimental analysis laser scanning Doppler vibrometry (LSDV) has been utilised. The panel has been excited...

  • Periodic Properties of 1D FE Discrete Models in High Frequency Dynamics

    Finite element discrete models of various engineering 1D structures may be considered as structures of certain periodic characteristics. The source of this periodicity comes from the discontinuity of stress/strain field between the elements. This behaviour remains unnoticeable, when low frequency dynamics of these structures is investigated. At high frequency regimes, however, its influence may be strong enough to dominate calculated...

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  • Spectral Finite Element Method in Condition Monitoring and Damage Detection

    It is well known that the dynamic behaviour of engineering structures may carry very important and crucial information that can be further used for the assessment of their condition as well as detection of any damage induced. The current interest in monitoring techniques based on the propagation of guided elastic waves requires that numerical techniques used for modelling the phenomena associated must shift into the realm of high...

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