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  • Morphology control via dual solvent crystallization for high-mobility functionalized pentacene-blend thin film transistors

    • M. Lada
    • M. J. Starink
    • M. Carrasco
    • L. Chen
    • P. Miskiewicz
    • P. Brookes
    • M. Franz
    • D. C. Smith


    We present an approach to improving the performance of solution processed organic semiconductor transistors based on a dual solvent system. We here apply this to a blend containing the π-conjugated small molecule 6,13 bis(triisopropylsilylethynyl) pentacene (TIPS-pentacene) and polystyrene, which acts as an inert binder. Using a semiconductor-binder solution of two solvents, where the main solvent is a better solvent of the small...

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  • Binary-Encounter Model for Direct Ionization of Molecules by Positron-Impact

    We introduce two models for the computation of direct ionization cross sections by positron impact over a wide range of collision energies. The models are based on the binary-encounter-Bethe model and take into account an extension of the Wannier theory. The cross sections computed with these models show good agreement with experimental data. The extensions improve the agreement between theory and experiment for collision energies...

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  • Low-energy positron scattering from gas-phase benzene

    In this paper we are presenting calculations of the elastic cross section of positrons with gas-phase benzene for the energy range from 0.25 eV to 9.0 eV. The calculations are done with the molecular R-matrix method for positron-scattering from poly-atomic molecules using a scaling factor to scale the electron-positron interaction. The scaling factor influences the position of the poles of the R-matrix. We adjust the scaling factor...

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