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  • Architecture and Basic Assumptions of RSMAD

    The study presents the architecture of Radio System for Monitoring and Acquisition of Data from Traffic Enforcement Cameras (in short RSMAD) which is used for transmission (realized using GSM, UMTS or TETRA networks, and through the Internet network), archiving and exploring image data of traffic offenses. The paper also presents selected basic assumptions of the RSMAD system, which are relevant to the implemented by the system...

  • Application of BAN Network to Increase Security in Transport Systems

    - 2017

    In the article general characteristics of the BAN network with M2M communications are presented. These are networks that enable the implementation of wireless transmission of signals using special sensors located on the body or implanted subcutaneously. These sensors allow monitoring of different type life parameters of a human. In the next part of work there is proposed the implementation of BAN networks to transport systems as...

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  • Propagation Loss and Interference Analysis for 5G Systems in the Context of C-ITS System Implementation

    - 2020

    The article presents the concept of implementing subsequent phases of services for the C-ITS system (the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems), based on the European Parliament resolution of March 2018. Next, the 5G systems, in the context of their possible cooperation with C-ITS systems, were discussed. Numerical propagation analysis was performed for V2V and V2I type communication based on two different propagation models....

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