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Gmach Główny pokój 165 B
(58) 347 20 51

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  • On local buckling of cold-formed channel members

    The paper deals with local buckling of the compressed flanges of cold-formed thin-walled channel beams subjected to pure bending or axially compressed columns. Arbitrarily shaped flanges of open cross-sections and the web-flange interactions are taken into account. Buckling deformation of a beam flange is described by displacement related to torsion of the flange about the line of its connection with the web. Total potential energy...

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  • Buckling of thin-walled columns accounting for initial geometrical imperfections

    The paper is devoted to the effect of some geometrical imperfections on the critical buckling load of axially compressed thin-walled I-columns. The analytical formulas for the critical torsional and flexural buckling loads accounting for the initial curvature of the column axis or the twist angle respectively are derived. The classical assumptions of theory of thin-walled beams with non-deformable cross-sections are adopted. The...

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  • Torsional buckling and post-buckling of columns made of aluminium alloy

    The paper concerns torsional buckling and the initial post-buckling of axially compressed thin-walled aluminium alloy columns with bisymmetrical cross-section. It is assumed that the column material behaviour is described by the Ramberg–Osgood constitutive equation in non-linear elastic range. The stationary total energy principle is used to derive the governing non-linear differential equation. An approximate solution of the equation...

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