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  • On local buckling of cold-formed channel members

    The paper deals with local buckling of the compressed flanges of cold-formed thin-walled channel beams subjected to pure bending or axially compressed columns. Arbitrarily shaped flanges of open cross-sections and the web-flange interactions are taken into account. Buckling deformation of a beam flange is described by displacement related to torsion of the flange about the line of its connection with the web. Total potential energy...

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  • Distorsional analysis of I-section beam

    - TASK Quarterly - Rok 2012

    An elastic stiffness matrix was derived in the case of distortion of a restrained thin-walled I-section beam using the minimum total stationary elastic energy condition. The function describing the angle of distortion was adopted form the solution of differential equation in the case of restrained distortion. The example presented in the paper helps to assess the correctness of the proposed solution. The proposed elastic stiffness...

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  • Elastic distortional buckling of thin-walled bars of closed quadratic cross-section

    In this study a thin-walled bar with closed quadratic cross-section is considered. The elastic stability of axially compressed bar related to the cross-section distortion is investigated. The governing differential equation is derived with aid of the principle of stationary total potential energy. The critical load for the simply supported bar is found in analytical form and it is compared with the FEM solution. Sufficient accuracy...

  • Thin-walled frames and grids - statics and dynamics

    Frames and grids assembled with thin-walled beams of open cross-section are widely applied in various civil engineering and vehicle or machine structures. Static and dynamic analysis of theses structures may be carried out by means of different models, startingfrom the classical models made of beam elements undergoing the Kirchhoff assumptions to the FE discretization of whole frame into plane elements. The former model is very...

  • Torsion of restrained thin-walled bars of open constant bisymmetric cross-section

    - TASK Quarterly - Rok 2012

    Elastic and geometric stiffness matrices were derived using Castigliano's first theorem, for the case of torsion of restrained thin-walled bars of open constant bisymmetric cross-section. Functions which describe the angles of torsion were adopted from the solutions of thedifferential equation for restrained torsion. The exact solutions were simplified by expanding them in a power series. Numerical examples were taken from Kujawa...

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