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Marcin Jarosław Marzejon


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  • Two-photon microperimetry with picosecond pulses

    - Biomedical Optics Express - Rok 2021

    Two-photon vision is a phenomenon associated with the perception of short pulsesof near-infrared radiation (900-1200 nm) as a visible light. It is caused by the nonlinear processof two-photon absorption by visual pigments. Here we present results showing the influence ofpulse duration and repetition rate of short pulsed lasers on the visual threshold. We comparedtwo-photon sensitivity maps of the retina obtained for subjects with...

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  • In vivo imaging of the human eye using a two-photon excited fluorescence scanning laser ophthalmoscope

    • J. Boguslawski
    • G. Palczewska
    • S. Tomczewski
    • J. Milkiewicz
    • P. Kasprzycki
    • D. Stachowiak
    • K. Komar
    • M. J. Marzejon
    • B. L. Sikorski
    • A. Hudzikowski... i 6 innych


    BACKGROUND. Noninvasive assessment of metabolic processes that sustain regeneration of human retinal visual pigments (visual cycle) is essential to improve ophthalmic diagnostics and to accelerate development of new treatments to counter retinal diseases. Fluorescent vitamin A derivatives, which are the chemical intermediates of these processes, are highly sensitive to UV light; thus, safe analyses of these processes in humans...

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