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  • Quantum entanglement in time

    In this paper we present a concept of quantum entanglement in time in a context of entangled consistent histories. These considerations are supported by presentation of necessary tools closely related to those acting on a space of spatial multipartite quantum states. We show that in similarity to monogamy of quantum entanglement in space, quantum entanglement in time is also endowed with this property for a particular history....

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  • Entangled Histories vs. the Two-State-Vector Formalism - Towards a Better Understanding of Quantum Temporal Correlations

    The Two-State-Vector formalism and the Entangled Histories formalism are attempts to betterunderstand quantum correlations in time. Both formalisms share some similarities, but they are notidentical, having subtle differences in their interpretation and manipulation of quantum temporalstructures. However, the main objective of this paper is to prove that, with appropriately definedscalar products, both formalisms can be...

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  • Comment on "Measurements without probabilities in the final state proposal"

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW D - Rok 2018

    The final state proposal [G.T. Horowitz and J.M. Maldacena, J. High Energy Phys.2004(2),8 (2004)] is an attempt to relax the apparent tension betweenstring theory and semiclassicalarguments regarding the unitarity of black hole evaporation. The authors of [R. Bousso and D.Stanford, Phys. Rev. D89, 044038 (2014)] analyze thought experiments where an infalling observerfirst verifies the entanglement between early and late Hawking...

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