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dr inż. Marcin Życzkowski

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Budynek Wydziału Oceanotechniki i Okrętownictwa pokój 502 C
(58) 347 20 57

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  • Multi-objective weather routing of sailing vessels

    The paper presents a multi-objective deterministic method of weather routing for sailing vessels. Depending on a particular purpose of sailboat weather routing, the presented method makes it possible to customize the criteria and constraints so as to fit a particular user’s needs. Apart from a typical shortest time criterion, safety and comfort can also be taken into account. Additionally, the method supports dynamic weather data:...

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  • Multi-objective weather routing of sailboats considering wave resistance

    The article presents a method to determine the route of a sailing vessel with the aid of deterministic algorithms. The method assumes that the area in which the route is to be determined is limited and the basic input data comprise the wind vector and the speed characteristic of the vessel. Compared to previous works of the authors, the present article additionally takes into account the effect of sea waves with the resultant resistance...

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    Weather data is nowadays used in a variety of navigational and ocean engineering research problems: from the obvious ones like voyage planning and routing of sea-going vessels, through the analysis of stability-related phenomena, to detailed modelling of ships’ manoeuvrability for collision avoidance purposes. Apart from that, weather forecasts are essential for passenger cruises and fishing vessels that want to avoid the risk...

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  • 2018-10-25

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr Transport (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Nawigacyjny Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni

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