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  • A Loophole of All ‘Loophole-Free’ Bell-Type Theorems

    Bell’s theorem cannot be proved if complementary measurements have to be represented by random variables which cannot be added or multiplied. One such case occurs if their domains are not identical. The case more directly related to the Einstein–Rosen–Podolsky argument occurs if there exists an ‘element of reality’ but nevertheless addition of complementary results is impossible because they are represented by elements from different...

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  • Non-Diophantine Arithmetics in Mathematics, Physics and Psychology

    - Rok 2020

    For a long time, all thought there was only one geometry — Euclidean geometry. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, many non-Euclidean geometries were discovered. It took almost two millennia to do this. This was the major mathematical discovery and advancement of the 19th century, which changed understanding of mathematics and the work of mathematicians providing innovative insights and tools for mathematical research and applications...

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  • Non-Newtonian Mathematics Instead of Non-Newtonian Physics: Dark Matter and Dark Energy from a Mismatch of Arithmetics

    Newtonian physics is based on Newtonian calculus applied to Newtonian dynamics. New paradigms such as ‘modified Newtonian dynamics’ (MOND) change the dynamics, but do not alter the calculus. However, calculus is dependent on arithmetic, that is the ways we add and multiply numbers. For example, in special relativity we add and subtract velocities by means of addition β1⊕β2=tanh(tanh−1(β1)+tanh−1(β2)), although multiplication β1⊙β2=tanh(tanh−1(β1)⋅tanh−1(β2)),...

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  • 2011-11-03

    Nadanie tytułu naukowego

    prof. Fizyka (Dziedzina nauk fizycznych)
  • 2000-06-19

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr hab. Fizyka (Dziedzina nauk fizycznych)
    Wydział Fizyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
  • 1994-05-26

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr Fizyka (Dziedzina nauk fizycznych)
    Instytut Fizyki PAN

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