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dr hab. inż. Marek Tobiszewski


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Budynek A Wydziału Chemicznego pokój 224
(58) 347 21 94

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  • PAH diagnostic ratios for the identification of pollution emission sources

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) diagnostic ratios have recently come into common use as a toolfor identifying and assessing pollution emission sources. Some diagnostic ratios are based on parentPAHs, others on the proportions of alkyl-substituted to non-substituted molecules. The ratios areapplicable to PAHs determined in different environmental media: air (gas þ particle phase), water,sediment, soil, as well as biomonitor...

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  • AGREE—Analytical GREEnness Metric Approach and Software


    Green analytical chemistry focuses on making analytical procedures more environmentally benign and safer to humans. The amounts and toxicity of reagents, generated waste, energy requirements, the number of procedural steps, miniaturization, and automation are just a few of the multitude of criteria considered when assessing an analytical methodology’s greenness. The use of greenness assessment criteria requires dedicated tools. We...

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  • Green Chemistry Metrics with Special Reference to Green Analytical Chemistry

    - MOLECULES - Rok 2015

    The concept of green chemistry is widely recognized in chemical laboratories. To properly measure an environmental impact of chemical processes, dedicated assessment tools are required. This paper summarizes the current state of knowledge in the field of development of green chemistry and green analytical chemistry metrics. The diverse methods used for evaluation of the greenness of organic synthesis, such as eco-footprint, E-Factor,...

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