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  • Adaptive Management Approach to an Infrastructure Project

    The paper presents an adaptive approach to project management, illustrated by the description of a case study, i.e., of a project whose aim was to develop the means and prepare the documentation for the revitalization of a railway line. The project itself was a major challenge for the implementers due to a novel and innovative subject thereof, including the construction of a railway line which takes place in a difficult terrain...

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  • Issues of Measuring the Course of Batch Production Processes

    In order to meet demands induced by development of manufacturing processes and production systems, new criteria and indicators that would allow a multiple aspect and realistic rating of batch production process courses are necessary. The objective of this paper is to present the correlation between production processes measurement, its rating and production control, basing on case study analysis from production enterprise. A new...

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  • Integration of Lean Manufacturing with ISO Management Systems in Enterprise

    Lean manufacturing [LM], quality management system and environmental management system are clear initiatives with a goal of improving effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations. Many organisations tackle lean philosophy, ISO standards individually but this kind of attempt do not focus on the synergy and the advantage from the potential collaboration. This paper aims to present the possibility of integration Lean Management...

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