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Zdjęcie osoby: prof. dr hab. inż. Mariusz Figurski

prof. dr hab. inż. Mariusz Figurski


  • Profesor zwyczajny w Katedra Geodezji
  • 2017-04-27 - present | professor Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Gdańsk University of Technology

Wybrane publikacje

  • Results of the application of tropospheric corrections from different troposphere models for precise GPS rapid static positioning

    • P. Wielgosz
    • J. Paziewski
    • A. Krankowski
    • K. Kroszczyński
    • M. Figurski

    - Acta Geophysica - 2012

    In many surveying applications, determination of accurate heights is of significant interest. The delay caused by the neutral atmosphere is one of the main factors limiting the accuracy of GPS positioning and affecting mainly the height coordinate component rather than horizontal ones. Estimation of the zenith total delay is a commonly used technique for accounting for the tropospheric delay in static positioning. However, in the...

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  • Integration and verification of meteorological observations and NWP model data for the local GNSS tomography

    • J. Bosy
    • W. Rohm
    • A. Borkowski
    • K. Kroszczynski
    • M. Figurski


    GNSS meteorology applies the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to derive information about the state of the atmosphere (particularly troposphere). The tomography is one of the methods used in GNSS meteorology. The input data of GNSS tomography are the signal troposphere delays, results of GNSS data processing and additionally meteorological observations and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models data. Different types...

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  • Error analysis for European IGS stations


    Each of the GPS time series that describes the changes of topocentric components consists of a deterministic and a stochastic part, whose character influences the errors of the deterministic parameters. As to the uncertainties of reliable velocities of permanent satellite station systems, surveys that estimate and take into account any dependencies that may affect subsequent operational efficiency are very important. For this analysis,...

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Uzyskane stopnie/tytuły naukowe

  • 2015-02-17

    Nadanie tytułu naukowego

    prof. dr hab. inż. Geodezja i kartografia (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Geodezji, Inżynierii Przestrzennej i Budownictwa, Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski
  • 2005-10-20

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr hab. inż. Geodezja i kartografia (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Inżynierii, Chemii i Fizyki Technicznej, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna
  • 1995-02-24

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Geodezja i kartografia (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Geodezji i Kartografii, Politechnika Warszawska

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