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  • Emotion Recognition and Its Applications

    The paper proposes a set of research scenarios to be applied in four domains: software engineering, website customization, education and gaming. The goal of applying the scenarios is to assess the possibility of using emotion recognition methods in these areas. It also points out the problems of defining sets of emotions to be recognized in different applications, representing the defined emotional states, gathering the data and...

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  • On Facial Expressions and Emotions RGB-D Database

    - 2014

    The goal of this paper is to present the idea of creating reference database of RGB-D video recordings for recognition of facial expressions and emotions. Two different formats of the recordings used for creation of two versions of the database are described and compared using different criteria. Examples of first applications using databases are also presented to evaluate their usefulness.

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  • Methodology of Affective Intervention Design for Intelligent Systems

    This paper concerns how intelligent systems should be designed to make adequate, valuable and natural affective interventions. The article proposes a process for choosing an affective intervention model for an intelligent system. The process consists of 10 activities that allow for step-by-step design of an affective feedback loop and takes into account the following factors: expected and desired emotional states, characteristics...

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