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  • Action Plan “Women”

    Employees of a company are not the first alternative coming into one’s mind when searching suitable successor for the business. Those belonging to the company’s management group are in many cases asked for their interest in being a successor, but the lower level an employee is in the hierarchy, the less probably he/she is inquired of his/her interest in becoming a successor. The contemporary entrepreneur may have had conflicts...

  • Train the trainer course

    - Rok 2021

    This chapter presents the concept, evaluation and evaluation results for the train the trainer. This concept of train the trainers is prepared within Workpackage 5 of EU-funded project: MASTER BSR (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme). Due to the nature of adult learning the content is designed for the use of participatory methods (involved, active). This method uses various techniques of active learning e.g. group work,...

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  • Family business succession – the practical or also theoretical problem. Bibliometric analysis

    - Rok 2021

    Family businesses, in various forms, have existed since societies began to be created. However, family business research has a decidedly shorter tradition. In favorable conditions, family enterprises develop for many generations, and their fate is intertwined with the fate of the families. The topics of family businesses are raised by researchers around the world. Estimates regarding the number of family businesses are a frequent...

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