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  • The realization of ASON/GMPLS control plane

    ASON (Automatic Switched Optical Network) is a concept of optical network recommended in G.8080/Y.1304 by ITU-T. Control Plane of this network could be based on GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching) protocols like RSVP-TE, OSPF-TE, LMP. This solution is named ASON/GMPLS. In this chapter we present the control plane problems and proposes ASON/GMPLS network realization that are tested on testbed consists of three and...

  • RSVP-TE as a reservation protocol for optical networks

    In this paper, we consider the reservation of optical resources problem. We implement extensions for RSVP-TE (Resource ReSerVation Protocol with Traffic Engineering Extension) to achieve the new functionality for optical resources reservation. Based on ASON/GMPLS architecture we examine an open source implementation KOM RSVP-Engine and extend its functionality according to ITU-T and IETF recommendations. The transport plane consists...

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