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  • A heterogenous wireless system for maritime communication - the netBaltic system architecture

    - 2017

    In the article, the concept of a heterogeneous wireless maritime mesh network offering transmission for e.g., e-navigation services is presented. The constrains of existing and competitive solutions are discussed showing the need for a new system. The authors present detailed information about a netBaltic node's architecture and networking mechanisms offering different transmission capabilities and proposed for use on different...

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  • Broadband communication solutions for maritime ITSs: Wider and faster deployment of new e-navigation services

    n its initial part, the paper presents an overview of popular technologies and systems currently developed or employed in maritime communication. These solutions are used to provide both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication for the purpose of supporting specific services, often dedicated to maritime safety and e-navigation. Utility of such communication systems have been thoroughly verified over the years and their strengths...

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  • Evaluation of Connectivity Gaps Impact on TCP Transmissions in Maritime Communications

    Many organizations and research working groups, including among others IEEE, ITU, ETSI and IMO are currently working towards improvements in communication of different types of vehicles (cars, trains, planes and vessels) and upgrading utilities and services offered to their crews and passengers travelling all over the world. The paper deals with selected aspects of the TCP protocol connectivity in maritime wireless networks. The...

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