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  • Place attachment, place identity and aesthetic appraisal of urban landscape

    As the aesthetic of the Polish cities became a topic of wider discussions, it is important to detect the potentialrole of human-place relations. Two studies (N = 185 & N = 196) were conducted to explore the relationship betweenplace attachment, place identity and appraisal of urban landscape. Satisfaction with urban aesthetic was predicted by twodimensions of place attachment (place inherited and place...

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  • Place Attachment and Collective Action Tendency

    Three studies were carried out to examine how place attachment and collective action tendency are related and what role self-expansion and social interactions play in this relationship. In the first study (N = 156) we found that a more active form of attachment – place discovered – is a significant predictor of tendency to engage in collective action in favor of one’s neighborhood. In the second study (N = 197), we focused on...

  • Perceived neighborhood disorder and quality of life: The role of the human-place bond, social interactions, and out-group blaming.

    - Rok 2018

    Four studies were carried out to examine how neighborhood disorder, human-place bonds, relationships among neighbors, and urban quality of life are related and what role blaming nonresidents plays in these relationships. In the first study, local identity was a significant mediator of the relationship between neighborhood disorder and quality of life. In the second study, we found that participants exposed to vignettes describing...

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  • 2009-09-24

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    dr Psychologia (Dziedzina nauk społecznych)

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