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  • Optimization of Energetic Train Cooperation

    - Symmetry-Basel - Rok 2019

    In the article, possible ways of using energy recovered during regenerative braking of trains are presented. It is pointed out that the return of recovered electricity directly to the catenary and its use in the energy cooperation of vehicles can be a no-cost method (without additional infrastructure). The method of energy cooperation between trains and its main assumptions, that uses the law of conservation of energy, are described...

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  • Multi-Option Model of Railway Traffic Organization Including the Energy Recuperation

    - Communications in Computer and Information Science - Rok 2016

    The article presents the issue of organization of railway traffic within the station, taking into account energy recuperation. We identified a number of factors which affect the energy efficiency of recuperation, including the issue of transfer of energy technology between a few vehicles. We presented some aspects of the decision problem of graphic train timetable construction with regard to recuperation. As an indicator of quality...

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  • Optimization of using recuperative braking energy on a double-track railway line

    - Transportation Research Procedia - Rok 2019

    In the introduction, possible ways of reusing energy from recuperation are presented. Next, the paper investigates the possibility of using regenerative braking in the range allowed by the detailed timetable by adopting the method of transferring the recovered electric energy directly to the catenary and immediate use of this energy by another train at the same power section. In the main part of the work, it is shown, that the...

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  • 2018-09-20

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Transport (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Transportu Politechniki Warszawskiej

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