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  • (CsX)Cu5O2(PO4)2 (X = Cl, Br, I): A Family of Cu2+ S = 1/2 Compounds with Capped-Kagomé Networks Composed of OCu4 Units


    Three new salt inclusion compounds (CsX)Cu5O2(PO4)2 (X = Cl, Br, I), phosphate analogues of the kagomé mineral averievite, are reported. Their crystal structures are composed of trigonal networks of corner-sharing OCu4 anion-centered tetrahedra, forming capped-kagomé planes, which can also be regarded as two-dimensional slices along the [111] direction of a pyrochlore lattice. Magnetization and heat capacity measurements reveal...

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  • Dirac fermions and possible weak antilocalization in LaCuSb2
    • J. Chamorro
    • A. Topp
    • Y. Fang
    • M. Winiarski
    • C. Ast
    • M. Krivenkov
    • A. Varykhalov
    • B. Ramshaw
    • L. Schoop
    • T. McQueen

    - APL Materials - 2019

    Layered heavy-metal square-lattice compounds have recently emerged as potential Dirac fermion materials due to bonding within those sublattices. We report quantum transport and spectroscopic data on the layered Sb square-lattice material LaCuSb2. Linearly dispersing band crossings, necessary to generate Dirac fermions, are experimentally observed in the electronic band structure observed using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy,...

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  • Iridium 5d -electron driven superconductivity in ThIr3

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW B - 2019

    A polycrystalline sample of superconducting ThI r 3 was obtained by arc-melting Th and Ir metals. Powder x-ray diffraction revealed that the compound crystalizes in a rhombohedral crystal structure (R-3m, s.g. #166) with the lattice parameters: a = 5.3394 ( 1 ) Å and c = 26.4228 ( 8 ) Å . Normal and superconducting states were studied by magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, and heat capacity measurements. The results...

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  • Low-Dimensional Magnetic Semimetal Cr0.65Al1.35Se3


    While exploring novel magnetic semiconductors, the new phase Cr0.65Al1.35Se3 was discovered and characterized by both structural and physical properties. Cr0.65Al1.35Se3 was found to crystallize into orthorhombic CrGeTe3-type structure with space group Pnma (no. 62). Vacancies and mixed occupancies were tested, and the results show that one of the 4c sites accommodates a mixture of Cr and Al atoms, while the other 4c site is fully...

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  • New kagome prototype materials: discovery of KV3Sb5, RbV3Sb5, and CsV3Sb5
    • B. Ortiz
    • L. Gomes
    • J. Morey
    • M. Winiarski
    • M. Bordelon
    • J. Mangum
    • I. Oswald
    • J. Rodriguez-Rivera
    • J. Neilson
    • S. Wilson
    • E. Ertekin
    • T. McQueen
    • E. Toberer

    - Physical Review Materials - 2019

    In this work, we present our discovery and characterization of a new kagome prototype structure, KV3Sb5. We also present the discovery of the isostructural compounds RbV3Sb5 and CsV3Sb5. All materials exhibit a structurally perfect two-dimensional kagome net of vanadium. Density-functional theory calculations indicate that the materials are metallic, with the Fermi level in close proximity to several Dirac points. Powder and single-crystal...

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  • Stabilization of the pyrochlore phase of Mn2Sb2O7 by double substitution

    Polycrystalline samples of (Ce4+Mn2+3)(Ga3+Sb5+3)O14 were synthesized by a high-temperature solid-state reaction. In contrast with the parent Mn2Sb2O7 compound that adopts a rhombohedral or monoclinic structure at T > 600 °C, the pyrochlore structure of CeMn3GaSb3O14 is retained up to at least T = 1070°C. High-resolution synchrotron x-ray diffraction measurements show no sign of a superstructure or distortion from cubic symmetry...

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  • Superconductivity in the intermetallic compound Zr5Al4

    Polycrystalline Zr5Al4 was synthesized using the arc-melting method. Powder X-ray diffraction confirms the previously reported crystal structure of the Ti5Ga4-type P63/mcm with lattice parameters: a = 8.4312(6) A , and c = 5.7752(8) A . Electrical resistivity and low-temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate that Zr5Al4 exhibits superconducting behavior below 2 K. The normalized heat capacity jump at Tc= 1.82 K...

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