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  • Metamaterial-Based Sub-Microwave Electromagnetic Field Energy Harvesting System

    - ENERGIES - Rok 2021

    This paper presents the comprehensive analysis of the sub-microwave, radio frequency band resonant metastructures’ electromagnetic properties with a particular emphasis on the possibility of their application in energy harvesting systems. Selected structures based on representative topologies of metamaterials have been implemented in the simulation environment. The models have been analyzed and their substitute average electromagnetic...

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  • Compact and Integrated High-Power Pulse Generation and Forming System

    This paper presents comprehensive analytical, numerical and experimental research of the compact and integrated high-power pulse generation and forming system based on the flux compression generator and the electro-explosive forming fuse. The paper includes the analysis of the presented solution, starting from the individual components studies, i.e., the separate flux compression generator tests in field conditions and the forming...

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  • The forming and emission of high power electromagnetic pulses

    An impulse energy source, a power conditioning system and an electromagnetic field emitter are essential to generate an electromagnetic field pulse (EMFP) with a specific frequency bandwidth. Selected simulation results for a power conditioning system consisting of a fuse opening switch and a paraboloidal electromagnetic emitter have been presented in this article. The synthetic system examined in the simulation is powered by an...

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