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Driven by a fascination with interdisciplinary solutions, I have actively pursued opportunities to merge my expertise in biotechnology, chemical engineering, and computer science. My professional journey has been shaped by a commitment to unlocking the potential of converging these fields for innovative solutions.

Having undertaken several international scientific internships, I have gained invaluable insights into diverse research methodologies and cultural approaches to scientific challenges. This experience has not only broadened my technical skills but has also enhanced my adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving abilities.

Here are some of my most valuable attributes and skills:
• Expertise in designing, optimizing, and implementing bioreactor systems tailored for the cultivation and utilization of fungi and bacteria, ensuring efficiency and scalability.
• Proficient in molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques such as qPCR, restriction analysis, electrophoresis, genetic material purification methods and knowledgeable in a wide array of microscopic techniques.
• Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the comprehensive study of fungi, ranging from molecular analysis to industrial applications.
•Experience in the thorough analysis of sequencing results. Specialized in constructing phylogenetic trees to elucidate the evolutionary relationships among different fungal species.
• In-depth knowledge of removing various pollutants from the air through the use of biofilters, demonstrating proficiency in conducting and optimizing these processes.
•Skilled in conducting cell cultures and cytometric tests, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of cell biology techniques.
• Experience in designing and optimizing high-performance biogas modernization processes under high pressure, showcasing innovative solutions in the field.
• Expertise in anaerobic fermentation processes contributing to the development of environmentally sustainable biotechnology solutions.
• Practical knowledge of chromatographic methods (HPLC, GC, and TLC), ensuring precision and accuracy in analytical processes.
• Proficient in development languages (Python and C++), leveraging programming skills for data analysis, process automation, and optimization.

Eager to connect with professionals and organizations, passionate about pushing the boundaries of innovation at the intersection of biotechnology, chemical engineering, and programming. Let's explore new horizons together!

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