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  • Customizing nano-chitosan for sustainable drug delivery

    • M. Saeedi
    • O. Vahidi
    • M. R. Moghbeli
    • S. Ahmadi
    • M. Asadnia
    • O. Akhavan
    • F. Seidi
    • M. Rabiee
    • M. Saeb
    • T. J. Webster... i 4 innych


    Chitosan is a natural polymer with acceptable biocompatibility, biodegradability, and mechanical stability; hence, it has been widely appraised for drug and gene delivery applications. However, there has been no comprehensive assessment to tailor-make chitosan cross-linkers of various types and functionalities as well as complex chitosan-based semi- and full-interpenetrating networks for drug delivery systems (DDSs). Herein, various...

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  • Chitosan-based inks for 3D printing and bioprinting

    • M. Taghizadeh
    • A. Taghizadeh
    • M. K. Yazdi
    • P. Zarrintaj
    • F. J. Stadler
    • J. D. Ramsey
    • S. Habibzadeh
    • G. Naderi
    • M. Saeb
    • M. Mozafari
    • U. Schubert

    - GREEN CHEMISTRY - Rok 2022

    The advent of 3D-printing/additive manufacturing in biomedical engineering field has introduced great potential for the preparation of 3D structures that can mimic native tissues. This technology has accelerated the progress in numerous areas of regenerative medicine, especially led to a big wave of biomimetic functional scaffold developments for tissue engineering demands. In recent years, the introduction of smart bio-inks has...

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  • MXenes Antibacterial Properties and Applications: A Review and Perspective

    • F. Seidi
    • A. Arabi Shamsabadi
    • M. Dadashi Firouzjaei
    • M. Elliott
    • M. Saeb
    • Y. Huang
    • C. Li
    • H. Xiao
    • B. Anasori

    - SMALL - Rok 2023

    The mutations of bacteria due to the excessive use of antibiotics, and generation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria have made the development of new antibacterial compounds a necessity. MXenes have emerged as biocompatible transition metal carbide structures with extensive biomedical applications. This is related to the MXenes’ unique combination of properties, including multifarious elemental compositions, 2D-layered structure,...

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