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mgr inż. Narek Parsamyan

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+48 58 348 63 89

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  • Effective Decision-Making in Supply Chain Management

    Proper decision-making in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is crucial for an appropriately functioning mechanisms. The paper presents how IT technologies can impact on an organization and process realization. Especially Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standard and the Cloud Computing (CC) paradigms are taken into account. A general model of decision-making is proposed and based on a specific practical example is analyzed using...

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  • The role of sport in the Smart City concept

    Sport brings to cities innovative solutions that influence urban life, yet considerations about sport still rarely contribute to the development of the very popular smart city concept. This raises the question: what is the perception of sport in the city from the perspective of the smart city concept? One of the challenges of future urban policy is to provide initiatives that ensure the wellbeing and promote the model of a healthy...

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  • Mashup Approaches for Improving Service Oriented Business Scenarios

    Two kinds of business scenarios are considered: application- and service-oriented. It is shown that the former are more flexible and easier reconfigurable for both traditional (human-oriented) and IT services. Moreover, complex IT services can be created by simple IT services using the modern mashup technology. It is the reason why such business scenarios can be modeled by BPMN in much easier ways. A simple example of a supply...

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