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Budynek Wydziału Oceanotechniki i Okrętownictwa pokój 318
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  • Failure of cold-formed beam: How does residual stress affect stability?

    In machine industry, stresses are often calculated using simple linear FEM analysis. Occasional failures of elements designed in such a way require recomputation by means of more sophisticated methods, eg. including plasticity and non-linear effects. It usually leads to investigation of failure causes and improvement of an element in order to prevent its unwanted behavior in the future. The study presents the case where both linear...

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  • Modelling and Measurement of Folk Guitar: Truss Rod and Strings in Numerical Analysis of Tone

    The study makes an attempt to model a complete vibrating guitar including its non-linear features, specifically the tension-compression of truss rod and tension of strings. The purpose of such a model is to examine the influence of design parameters on tone. Most experimental studies are flawed by uncertainties introduced by materials and assembly of an instrument. Since numerical modelling of instruments allows for deterministic...

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  • Nonlinear Modeling in Time Domain Numerical Analysis of Stringed Instrument Dynamics

    Musical instruments are very various in terms of sound quality with their timbre shaped by materials and geometry. Materials' impact is commonly treated as dominant one by musicians, while it is unclear whether it is true or not. The research proposed in the study focuses on determining influence of both these factors on sound quality based on their impact on harmonic composition. Numerical approach has been chosen to allowed independent...

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