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Biuro Centrum Usług Informatycznych
Centrum Usług Informatycznych

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  1. User Trust Levels and Their Impact on System Security and Usability

    A multilateral trust between a user and a system is considered. First of all we concentrate on user trust levels associated with the context-oriented CoRBAC model. Consequently, there were computed user profiles on the basis of its implementation in the information processing system “My GUT”. Furthermore, analysis of these profiles and the impact of user trust levels on system security and usability have been discussed.
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  2. Multi-level Virtualization and Its Impact on System Performance in Cloud Computing

    The results of benchmarking tests of multi-level virtualized environments are presented. There is analysed the performance impact of hardware virtualization, container-type isolation and programming level abstraction. The comparison is made on the basis of a proposed score metric that allows you to compare different aspects of performance. There is general performance (CPU and memory), networking, disk operations and application-like...
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  3. Practical Evaluation of Internet Systems' Security Mechanisms

    A proposed Internet systems security layer with context-oriented security mechanisms reduces the risk associated with possible vulnerabilities. A metric of the system trust level is proposed, and then evaluated according to a university Internet system.
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