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  • Additive Manufacturing as a Solution to Challenges Associated with Heat Pipe Production

    The aim of this review is to present the recent developments in heat pipe production, which respond to the current technical problems related to the wide implementation of this technology. A novel approach in HP manufacturing is to utilise hi-tech additive manufacturing techniques where the most complicated geometries are fabricated layer-by-layer directly from a digital file. This technology might be a solution to various challenges...

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  • Recent Advances in Loop Heat Pipes with Flat Evaporator

    - ENTROPY - Rok 2021

    The focus of this review is to present the current advances in Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) with flat evaporators, which address the current challenges to the wide implementation of the technology. A recent advance in LHP is the design of flat-shaped evaporators, which is better suited to the geometry of discretely mounted electronics components (microprocessors) and therefore negate the need for an additional transfer surface (saddle)...

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  • Current Trends in Wick Structure Construction in Loop Heat Pipes Applications: A Review

    - Materials - Rok 2022

    Thermal control systems have been introduced as an important part of electronic devices, enabling thermal management of their electronic components. Loop heat pipe (LHP) is a passive two-phase heat transfer device with significant potential for numerous applications, such as aerospace applications, high-power LEDs, and solar central receivers. Its advantages are high heat transfer capability, low thermal resistance, long-distance...

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  • 2014-10-15

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    dr inż. Mechanika i Budowa Maszyn (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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