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  • The Many Faces of Enterococcus spp.—Commensal, Probiotic and Opportunistic Pathogen

    - Microorganisms - Rok 2021

    Enterococcus spp. are Gram-positive, facultative, anaerobic cocci, which are found in the intestinal flora and, less frequently, in the vagina or mouth. Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium are the most common species found in humans. As commensals, enterococci colonize the digestive system and participate in the modulation of the immune system in humans and animals. For many years reference enterococcal strains have...

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  • Mechanisms of Damage to DNA Labeled with Electrophilic Nucleobases Induced by Ionizing or UV Radiation

    • J. Rak
    • L. Chomicz-Mańka
    • J. Wiczk
    • K. Westphal
    • M. Zdrowowicz
    • P. Wityk
    • M. Żyndul
    • S. Makurat
    • Ł. Golon


    Hypoxia—a hallmark of solid tumors—makes hypoxic cells radioresistant. On the other hand, DNA, the main target of anticancer therapy, is not sensitive to the near UV photons and hydrated electrons, one of the major products of water radiolysis under hypoxic conditions. A possible way to overcome these obstacles to the efficient radio- and photodynamic therapy of cancer is to sensitize the cellular DNA to electrons and/or ultraviolet...

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  • A first-principles study of electron attachment to the fully hydrated bromonucleobases


    Degradation mechanism of four brominated nucleobases (BrX), potential DNA radiosensitizers, is studied in explicit water solution, using ab initio molecular dynamics. Several fs long dynamics is needed to localize an electron on the nucleobase. Produced by electron attachment BrX anion radical degrades through the bromide anion abstraction, barrier-free (purines) or with low barrier (pyrimidines), to a reactive nucleobase radical....

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  • 2018-09-26

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    dr Nauki chemiczne (Dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych)
    Uniwersytet Gdański

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